Foods and Drinks to Avoid for the Sake of Your Oral Health

So, the title might be a bit dramatic! There’s no food or drink that’s going to make your teeth fall out the moment you put it in your mouth, but there are plenty of things in everyone’s diet that aren’t ideal for your oral health.

The foods and drinks in question are some of the most loved parts of our diet, so it can be difficult to cut them out altogether, but reducing your intake of them can have a big impact on your oral health.


Fizzy Drinks

Soda drinks are a double whammy for your teeth. They generally have a very high sugar content and are very acidic. The combination of sugar and acid attacks the enamel in your teeth and ultimately results in cavities.

If you regularly drink carbonated drinks, then limiting your intake can have a positive effect on your oral health and reduce your chances of tooth decay.

Drinking soft drinks through a straw and drinking water after your soft drink are also helpful ways of trying to protect your teeth.



The crisp is the perfect snack! Apart from the fact that it’s not that healthy as well as bad for your oral health.

Unfortunately, crisps are full of starch, and starch sets off a chain reaction in your mouth that can damage your teeth. As the bacteria in plaque breaks down the starch it produces acid, and this acid can attack your teeth for up to 20 minutes.

Because crisps have a tendency to get stuck in your teeth, this process can last even longer, which has led people to say that crisps are even worse for your teeth than chocolate!


Sticky Foods

Dried fruits are a staple snack of a healthy person’s diet, but they’re not necessarily as healthy for our teeth as they are for our bodies. The problem with foods that are sticky is they spend much more time in contact with your teeth, creating plaque and damaging your teeth.

If possible, make sure you floss after you consume sticky foods to get rid of the food that collects between your teeth. For premium dental supplies uk, visit Kent Express Dental Supplies, and make sure you’re looking after your teeth with the best.



Unfortunately, another of our favourite things, alcohol, is also not a friend of oral health. Many alcoholic drinks are high in sugar and very acidic, both things that contribute to dental problems.

You don’t have to cut out alcohol all together, but if you’re regularly drinking alcohol then cutting back can help your oral health.



Smoking has a lot of negative effects on your teeth. Tobacco use can lead to gum disease, tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, and erosion. It always seems to be that the things that are hardest to give up do the most damage to our teeth, and tobacco is a prime example.

If you can reduce the number of times you smoke each day, as well as the rest of these things, then it can make a difference to your oral health.

Written by Monella

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