Five unique blog post ideas

When it comes to blogging, finding a unique idea for your next post can be challenging. Of course, you want to make sure that you’re writing something your audience will be interested in, but you also need to find the inspiration to get started. To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together five unique ideas for your next blog post!

1. Talk about your family

Some people shy away from sharing their personal details online, but opening up and sharing your family story can be interesting. Families like the Saccone Jolys have made a living from blogging and vlogging about their relationships, and you could do the same! Whether that’s sharing a personal story, talking about parenting tips or even writing about how to deal with a divorce, you’ll be able to offer your experiences to your audience.

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2. Talk about your relationship

Following on from the family theme, another great blogging topic is your relationship. Just broke up with your boyfriend? Blog about it. It’s challenging, and you may find it’s difficult to reopen the wounds, but writing it all down is the best way to give your readers an insight into your life – and it can often be therapeutic, too.

3. Blog about a funny story

We’ve all got funny stories and anecdotes that we share with our friends and family, so why not share them on your blog, too!? I mean, who can forget Marcus Butler’s hilarious ‘mum walked in on us’ video? Writing down your own embarrassing tales makes for great reading.

4. Blog about your life plans

Whether you’re still in school and you’re studying for a career in journalism, or you’re on your professional path already, writing about your life plans is great. Not only is it fun to share your aspirations with your readers, but you’ll be able to document your progress and look back later in life to see how you did!

5. Write about your secrets

Apps like Whisper were designed to share both hilarious and traumatising secrets to the masses, so why not do the same on your blog? Whether you’ve got a dark story to tell, or you want to share something completely hilarious with your followers, blogging is a great way to get your secrets off your chest. If you don’t feel confident in revealing all to the world, use an alias or make your blog private so only your friends can see.

We hope that these five blogging ideas will give you the inspiration you need to put pen to paper – or finger to keyboard! Do let us know what you get up to. Share your blog posts with us using @Fuzzable, and check back soon for more blogging tips and tricks.

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Jenny Colgan

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