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5 Questions We Still Have After the ‘Manifest’ Finale

Manifest has easily been one of the breakout series of the 2018-2019 television season, with buzz about the series ever prominent on social media. Time, destiny, free will, and fate all play significant roles throughout the first season following the return of Montego Flight 828, but we still do not understand the full extent of their roles. The first season finale has just aired on Monday, February 18, 2019, and though no news regarding renewal or cancellation has been revealed, we have some questions about the show’s lore.

Without further ado, let’s get into some of our questions:

1. What happened to Bill Daly and Fiona Clarke after hijacking the plane?

Fiona Clarke (Francesca Faridany) and Bill Daly (Frank Deal) before their mysterious conclusion. Photo courtesy of Antena 3

Though they weren’t mentioned in the last couple episode, we still have a hard time believing that pilot Bill Daly and scientist Fiona Clarke were truly shot out of the sky after Bill stole the airplane in an attempt to time jump again. There was no explosion, and as far as we know, no bodies were ever found. Hopefully we’ll see the end of their potential time jump if the series is renewed!

2. What actually happened to Flight 828?

Ben (Josh Dallas) and Cal Stone (Jack Messina) on Fight 828. Photo courtesy of Orlando Sentinel

This is the leading question of the series, and we still don’t know the answer. Is black lightning really the culprit, or is something scarier or more sinister causing these people to disappear and reemerge after random amounts of time? Manifest thus far has been a slow burn, so we hope to get more clues if renewed!

3. What is the Major planning with the weaponization of Cal’s abilities / how does she fit into the lore of the series?

The Major (Elizabeth Marvel). Photo courtesy of

The Major, when first introduced, felt like she came out of left field, and now that the season is over, we’re still unsure what her plans are. If she wants to weaponize Cal, what are her goals? What is her overall role in the lore of the series? We only saw her in a few brief scenes this season, so if the show is renewed, season 2 will need to shed a lot of light on her character and her goals.

4. What is happening to the abducted passengers?

One of the many passengers abducted by the government, played by Kenneth Maharaj. Photo courtesy of TV and Movie News

A large plot point earlier in Manifest’s freshman run was the abduction of some of Flight 828’s passengers, who were forcibly undergoing experimentation. Our protagonists succeed in rescuing them, but we haven’t seen them much since. This feels like too big of a plot line to end up at a dead end, so we would love to know more about them and what they went through next season.

5. What is the connection between the Major and the NSA, if any?

Robert Vance (Daryl Edwards) meeting with Ben Stone. Photo courtesy of Den of Geek.

Robert Vance is a key player in the first half of the season, but as we know, he meets his demise in the rescuing of the abducted passengers. He was unaware of both some of the passengers being missing and the experimentation and testing they were experiencing. Being part of the NSA, how was he unaware of the Major and her plans? What is her association/alignment within the government, and how does she have this superior power?

These are just a few of the questions we have about Manifest, and we really hope the series is renewed for a second season so we can continue to see these characters grow and get some long-awaited answers.

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