Five of the best toast toppings to celebrate National Toast Day

Today (February 22) is National Toast Day. Founded in 2014 by the UK’s Tiptree World Bread Awards, today is all about the world’s most comforting food in whatever way you like to enjoy it (not that we need any excuse).

Whether you have it for breakfast or as a simple snack, we’ve rounded up five of the best toppings for you to munch on in celebration of National Toast Day.

1. Cheese

Cheese on toast is such a simple yet pleasing meal. If you find plain cheese a little bland, then you can also jazz things up with some Worcester sauce, or slices of tomato.

2. Egg

Scrambled, fried, poached, boiled…the possibilities are endless! You can even make some eggy bread (French bread) by soaking a slice in some eggs and milk before frying.

3. Avocado

Not only is avocado on toast a delicious and healthy breakfast/brunch option, but it’s also highly Instagrammable. So if you want a tasty yet fancy looking option, this one’s for you.

4. Spreads

Jam. Peanut Butter. Peanut Butter AND Jelly (Jam). Marmalade. Honey. Nutella. Chocolate Spread. Hummus. The choice is absolutely yours.

5. Beans

Saving the best ’til last, good old beans on toast. Is there anything more glorious? Not only is it a super easy option, you can also eat it at any time of the day which is amazing in our eyes.

What do you have on your toast? Let us know on Twitter @Fuzzable and don’t forget to share it using #NationalToastDay

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