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Five of the best DIY Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away, so now’s the time to think about what would be the perfect gift for your partner this year.

Whilst there are plenty of flowers, chocolates, teddies and other gifty bits in your local stores, why not get your craft on this Valentine’s and make something special for your loved one?

We’ve rounded up five of the best DIY gifts that you can make for Valentine’s Day.

365 Reasons Why I Love You Jar

This is a cute way of spreading the love all year round! Grab a mason jar, coloured card and scissors, and you’re pretty much good to go! There are many ways you can make a ‘365 Reasons Why I Love You’ jar, but our favourite version of it is splitting your 365 reasons into four sections:

  • I love you because…
  • Memories/Remember when…
  • Quotes/Song lyrics
  • We’re going to go [enter idea i.e bowling] together

Use a different colour card for each section and write or print out sentences to do with each section onto that card, so for example you could use red for ‘I love you because…’, yellow for ‘Memories/Remember when…’ and so on. You could even add in more sections and colours if you wanted to!

Once you’ve got your 365 sentences, cut them out and place them into the mason jar. You’ll then need to make a little sign for the front of the jar with instructions for your loved one. Remember to tell them that they can only pick out one note a day, and let them know what each colour represents!

Check out Crafting Around‘s video for inspiration.

Date Night Jar

In a similar vein to the 365 Reasons Why I Love You jar, the Date Night jar uses a mason jar and coloured lollipop sticks to bring an element of surprise into your date nights.

Once again, you can split your date jar into different sections such as:

  • At home
  • Out and about
  • Restaurants
  • Random

Once you’ve chosen your sections, assign them with a particular colour of lollipop stick and get creative! From cooking a romantic meal at home, having a picnic, movie night, visiting a museum, going to a gig, eating out at a special restaurant, going to a bar, a coffee date, going on a weekend away…the possibilities are endless!

We love this tutorial from exelynnn which also uses glitter, marbles and decorative tape to jazz up the jar.

Open When…Letters

We LOVE the idea of ‘Open When…’ letters, a simple collection of letters from you to your partner to open in different circumstances. All you need is a set of envelopes, some paper and pens, and your own loving words.

Some suggestions for ‘Open When…’ letter occasions are:

  • Open when [first envelope which explains the other envelopes]
  • Open when you miss me
  • Open when you’re sad
  • Open when you need a laugh/smile
  • Open when you need motivation
  • Open when you’re stressed
  • Open when you’ve had a bad day
  • Open when we’ve had an argument
  • Open when you need a reminder of how much I love you
  • Open when you need me
  • Open when you’re bored
  • Open when you’re scared
  • Open when you need a hug
  • Open when you’re sick
  • Open when it’s our anniversary

Once you’ve picked your topics, decorate your envelope and get writing your letters! The letters can be short notes or long detailed letters – whatever you’re feeling at the time.

Check out S Crafts’ tutorial for more inspiration!

Valentine’s Typography

An easy way to get creative on Valentine’s Day is by making a typography print. This is a heartfelt DIY for those of you who aren’t feeling particularly crafty.

There are plenty of websites which allow you to make your own typography, but our personal go-to is The site allows you to insert your own choice of words which will fill the print, making it extremely personal and unique to you. You can insert your names, anniversary date, pet names…anything to do with love and your relationship!

You will then need to choose the shape your print will form, in addition to the colours, fonts and layouts used and voila – you’ve got yourself a custom made typography print! To make it extra special, simply print it out and insert into a nice frame.

Check out our (very quickly made) makeshift typography below as an example.

Valentine’s Bakes

Why not get baking for your Valentine? There are so many sweet treats you can make which will fill your partner’s stomach and heart. One of our favourite ideas is making heart cookies which are then decorated to resemble Love Heart sweets. You can use various colours of icing to recreate the pastel Love Heart vibes, before adding your very own cute messages to the cookies. Check out Rosanna Pansino’s tutorial below which also includes full recipe details.

We also still love Remi Ashten’s old school tutorial which shows off loads of little Valentine’s Day treat ideas which are simple to make. We love the Rice Krispie pops, which would make a cute gift for your loved one especially if they’ve got a sweet tooth.

Will you be making any of these DIY gifts this Valentine’s Day? Let us know on Twitter @Fuzzable

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