Five Music Festival Tips

Going to a music festival is always going to be an experience you’ll never forget, but if it’s your first time going – or if you’ve been to a festival before but are looking for ways to enhance your time there – then we’ve got some handy tips for you! From our own experiences of going to festivals, we picked up some tips over the weekend to ensure we had the best time we could while also keeping our health and safety intact. These points may sound incredibly obvious, but if you use them in the right way they may be helpful.

Without further ado, here are our five music festival tips!

1. Use the water points

Water bottles at festivals can be over priced which is why using the water points are vital. Most music festivals have water points; use them well. You could either bring your own water bottle with you at the beginning of the day, or if you aren’t allowed to bring one in then buy one there, as you can refill it for free throughout the day at the water points. This will save you money on buying a brand new water bottle and keep you hydrated, which is always important.

2. Take advantage of the barriers at different stages/tents

The majority of stages and/or tents at festivals have barriers for crowd control. Use this to your advantage. By this, we mean that if you want to see an act up close but don’t want to get into the middle of the crowd or be at the very front of the barrier, you can go to the back of the barrier in the first section of crowd control. You’ll be close enough to see your favourite band, as well as having a stable support of the barrier behind you, along with the security guards who’ll be there the entire time to give you water whenever you need it for hydration.

Photo by Reading Festival.
Photo by Reading Festival.

3. Set a meeting point with your friends

Setting a meeting point with your friends is super important. We’d advise walking around the festival site altogether so you can get a feel for your spatial surroundings. Make sure the meeting point is a stand-out feature or is near a specific area of the festival site. For example, there may be a specific food shop that always has neon lights on which could be your meeting point, or it could be an ice cream truck near one of the stages. This will be important if you and your friends split up, or if you don’t have much signal and need to meet back up with them again. That way, both you and your friends have a secure place for the entire weekend if you ever get split up and aren’t sure where to go to search for them.

A photo by Aranxa Esteve.
Photo by Aranxa Esteve.

4. Be nice to the security

This might be obvious, but being kind to the security is important. They’re there to help you, guide you and most importantly, make sure you don’t get hurt or injured. Without them, the festival wouldn’t feel as safe. Occasionally, the security are there for the music just like you are! Some festivals will have barrels of water at certain stages if they need to cater to a large amount of people between acts. This means if you ask security for water at that stage, they’ll be able to immediately give you a cup of water or refill your bottle, without you having to wait in a long queue at the water points.

5. Scope out the area before going to see a band

This last point links in with the second in this post. It’s important to scope out the area of the stage a band or artist you want to see is going to play. It’ll give you a feel for the area and will prepare you for how far into the crowd you want to go. Some stages are set out differently to each other. For example, some barriers at the stages will split in the middle, and some will dip in the middle but not split off completely. If you know this beforehand, you’ll know how much space yourself and those around you have before you get to the barrier, which links to our point of using the barriers to your advantage.

We hope these five music festival tips will be of use to you! They certainly have for us.

Do you have any music festival tips that work for yourself? Let us know on Twitter.

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