Five Facts About January

It’s 2017, a new year filled with new things to learn. January is a time to become a ‘new’ you, right? Then, on that note, let’s fill that new you’s brain with random facts about the month of January!

Fact #1: January is named after the roman god of door ways.

Drawing of Janus, the Roman god of doorways, transitions, beginnings and endings.

The month of January is thought of as being named after the Roman god, Janus. In Roman mythology, he is known as the god of doorways, transitions, beginnings and endings. This god is usually portrayed as having two heads. One of these heads looked to the future while the other looked to the past. In other words, it’s as if one was looking back to the previous year and one to the new year.

Fact #2: January 1st is closest and furthest away from December 31st.

This fact is a bit random. The first day of this month is the furthest and the closest day from December 31st. Its a silly, obvious, and yet still interesting fact.

Fact #3: It’s birthstone represents balance.

January’s birthstone is the beautiful red garnet. This stone is said to represent balance. I would say balance is definitely something we all need at the beginning of a new year. After the busy month of December, and trying to become a better person during the new year, stability is certainly necessary.

Fact #4: It’s the month of breakups.

More couples and marriages seperate during the firs time month of the year. I suppose some people take the start of a new year a little too seriously. New year, new relationship?

Fact #5: January is National Hobby Month.

This month is known as National Hobby Month. It’s a month to find something new to do with your time! So, if you like music try to pick up a new instrument. If you enjoy writing, try writing some short stories. You like photography, take more pictures! (If you like blogs, check Fuzzable daily!) Find what you love and do it more often in the name of National Hobby Month!


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