Five advantages of playing poker online

Thanks to its boom in the early noughties, the online poker scene has increased dramatically, not only through the number of sites you’re able to play at, but through the number of players involved. The poker boom also saw other variations of the game – not just Texas hold’em – played and gradually become more popular around the world. The World Series of Poker is another considerable factor in poker’s popularity. Do you play poker online? Let’s take a look at some of the advantages associated with this pastime.


Much like playing any other casino game online, online poker is so convenient and you are free to play whenever and wherever you like – so long as you have a decent internet connection. If you’re sat at home bored, just whip out your mobile phone or another electronic device, log in and play a few hands. With action 24/7 and players registered from all over the world, you could find yourself up against someone from a different country or time zone to you! When you play online, think of how much you’ll save on travel, food and drink; and also, when playing online, there’s no croupier for you to tip!


It doesn’t matter if you’re new to poker or well-experienced, there’s always room for improvement and learning – whether it’s trying new strategies, working out other players tells or just swotting up on poker. Playing online poker, you’ll find that there’s significantly less pressure than playing in a brick-and-mortar casino which gives you the opportunity to try something different or new, take more risks and also not be as afraid to make mistakes.


Online casinos usually offer welcome bonuses and run other promotions, such as matched deposits or loyalty points. For example, if you’re into slots games, you’ll be rewarded with free spins. It’s no different in online poker. It’s great for beginners or new customers, who may get to enter freeroll tournaments, meaning you don’t need to pay to enter; while incentivising loyal players will keep them playing and could prove beneficial.

Choice and number of games

When visiting a brick-and-mortar casino, there is a high chance that the variation of poker being played will be Texas hold’em. Online, you’ll find several tables and variations of poker. Joining a table will be a lot easier, as there will be a wider selection to choose from and you won’t need to wait around to get a seat. So, whether you fancy trying Omaha or 7 card stud, or even Razz, you’re sure to find some like-minded players to compete against.

Similarly, it’s not only the wide selection of games found at an online casino that is advantageous. Online poker provides a much quicker speed of game, as you aren’t waiting around for the dealer to shuffle and dealcards. The faster game speed means more hands per hour, which is great for those who have poor attention spans… there will be no falling asleep at an online table!

Poker tells

This one could be seen as both an advantage and disadvantage. When you’re playing at a traditional casino, you’ll find that many players reveal things about themselves and their hand by their tells. If you’re a beginner, you probably won’t notice these, but professional players can read other players like the back of their hand, while hiding their own tells, as not to get caught out. It could be things such as how they’re holding their cards, their betting patterns, their posture and facial expression, or even table chat. While there is such a thing as poker tells in the online environment, they’re obviously a lot harder to read, as you’re not physically sat with your opponents. If you find it hard to hide your tells or read your opponents, you’ll certainly be at an advantage playing online.

Have we missed any benefits out? Leave us a comment and let us know why you enjoy playing poker online.

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