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Festival Safety Tips

Summer music festival season is quickly approaching and with strong line ups at events such as Lollapalooza, Reading and Leeds, and the first ever Sad Summer Festival, parks are sure to be filled with avid music fans from all over the world. As entertaining as the spontaneity of festivals may be, it is important to prepare for the events and participate with safety in mind. For this reason, Fuzzable has compiled a list of 5 essential festival safety tips in order to ensure that the experience will be remembered for all of the right reasons.

Stay Hydrated

Nearly every festival safety guide will list staying hydrated as one of its most important tips. Yet, instances of dehydration continue to occur more often than they should. While remembering to continuously drink water may be difficult when running from stage to stage, it is key to having a safe concert experience. Different festivals have different rules regarding outside drinks, so doing prior research on the venues is wise. If the show allows sealed bottled water, bring the biggest bottle possible. The same idea goes for festivals that allow empty reusable bottles into their venue. If neither is allowed, give into buying the oftentimes overpriced water sold at the show. Although a $5 bottle of water may seem expensive, it is definitely worth its price when compared to the alternative risks.

Dress for the Weather

Many use festivals as a platform to display their most eclectic outfits. Experimenting with festival fashion is exciting, but may present challenges if the clothing is not weather-appropriate. Although the forecast may predict one type of weather, it is necessary to keep in mind any changes that may occur. For example, even if sunny skies are predicted on the day of the show, bringing a light waterproof windbreaker will not hurt. Alternatively, if the weather is supposed to be cold, still dress in layers in case the temperature warms up. These tips do not mean that fashion needs to be compromised, though. Get creative in the different ways that clothing can be cool yet conventional.

Study the Site

Festival grounds are generally quite large so it is easy to get lost among all of the commotion. If available online, download the festival map onto a phone or print out a copy at home. Sometimes maps are only available at the venue on the day of the show so be sure to pick one up before getting immersed in the crowd. Beyond knowing which stage each artist is playing, be sure to know where first aid tents, water refill stations, and exits are located. Being able to move around the festival grounds in an efficient manner is a huge time saver and can be the difference between getting a good or bad spot to see a certain performance.

Pack Wisely

In addition to water, weather-appropriate clothing, and a map, there are other festival essentials that would be wise to pack. Depending on the type, length, and environment of the festival, items will vary, but some things are necessary for all concert-goers. For example, always remember to bring key items such as tickets, ID, and cash. Additionally, personal items like sunscreen, small toiletries, and prescription medication are needed. Last but not least, a portable phone charger will be a real life-saver. For certain items, such as cameras or outside food, check venue policies beforehand to avoid any event entrance delays.

Create a Buddy-System

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Even with all of these tips in mind, there are still always potential risks associated with attending shows. Because of this, sticking with others is essential to festival safety. Whether it is going with a group of friends or with a parent, having somebody to rely on in case things go wrong is extremely important. Concert buddies can remind each other to eat and drink throughout the day, can keep tabs on one another’s locations, and can even save spots for each other. For those who are going to shows alone, take the time to get to know fellow concert-goers and become each others’ buddies. Everybody at the festival is in attendance with the goal of enjoying their favourite music and having a good time, so be sure to keep an eye out for the music-loving community and they will do the same in return.

Which festivals are you attending this summer? Do you have any other tips and tricks for event-goers? Share with us on Twitter @Fuzzable.

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