Ready Your Feel-Good Things This Election Week

More than ever, we need feel-good activities to get us through the day. It’s the end of Monday, November 2, 2020, here in the U.S. and tomorrow, November 3, is our presidential election.

The last four years have seen the country growing increasingly divisive, but this article isn’t about that. Instead, we want to focus on the individual and how we can get through not only tomorrow but this week and the next and the next, regardless of how the election ultimately goes.

We recommend actively staying aware of what, as Marie Kondo would say, sparks joy in you. Keep these things in mind, and make sure they are accessible to you this week. While larger fights continue to wage on, it’s important to protect and preserve the self, and doing some of these things that you know will make you happy will surely help with that goal.

Before we list some things that we would recommend, we want to say one thing that might prove especially helpful this week is limiting one’s time on social media. Because this week is so sensitive, take time for yourself—Twitter and every other social media platform will still be running after you’ve taken time for yourself.

Here are some general things we recommend, though your own feel-good things could be literally anything at all:

  1. Have people you know you can talk to. There is power in asking for help if it’s needed.
  2. Set aside time for a warm bath or time to curl up in a blanket—something that is going to comfort you. One of our favorite ways to be is in a warm bath with the light off with a nice cup of tea and gentle candlelight.
  3. Have your favorite foods in the house. You can cook ahead or just have your favorite snacks, but having something you know you love will help.
  4. Have a dedicated notebook set aside to journal in if you need to this week.

These are just a few simple feel-good things we can recommend to look after yourselves, but really it just comes down to taking time for yourself when this week when things might feel overwhelming. Bake that bread, play that video game, spend time doing your favorite things. Again, this is not to downplay the current state of the country, because the serious issues we’re facing are myriad, but rather a reminder to take care of yourself. We can’t come out of this on top if we’re completely worn down. We love you all.

As always, tweet us @fuzzable with all of your thoughts. We’d love to know what your go-to activities are going to be this week!

Written by Preston Smith

capricorn, coffee addict, cat owner

twitter & instagram: @psm_writes

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