February bullet journaling
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I Skipped Bullet Journaling for the Month of February and Here’s What I Learned

I never want to stop bullet journaling ever again.

If you are unfamiliar with the term, bullet journaling is a style of journaling combining a basic diary and a planner.

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I thought I would try skipping out on my journal entirely for the month of February. That was a mistake. I missed so many things I didn’t miss in the month of January and I just found that I was much more disorganized than usual.

I found that I was spending way too much time decorating my spreads every week when I could just be making them really simple. This lead to my decision to not do my February bullet journaling. I have now realized that the more decorated they were, the more I wanted to use them and keep up with it.

I have learned the bullet journaling is now a vital part of my organizational system and I need to keep up with it.


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