Fashionable Bridesmaid Outfit Ideas 2019

Your bridesmaids play a significant role in your life. Whether they are your family or friends, they deserve to look beautiful and to be blessed with a stunning garment on your special day to thank them for their role in your life. It can sometimes be a challenge to find something that everyone likes, suits your wedding theme and fits within your budget. Follow these fashion tips that are taking the wedding world by storm and use them to choose the perfect bridesmaid dress.

Sexy and Sleek

It is 2019, we are no longer judging women for dressing up in figure hugging and curve accentuating outfits. Now is the time to dress your bridesmaids up in sexy and elegant dresses for your wedding. Let your girls slay the aisle as they strut in a sleek and chic get up.

To achieve this look, we recommend shopping at Alamour The Label. They create all their pieces with the belief that sensuality is always in style. Try dressing your bridesmaids in one of their lengthy and fitted dresses, like their Penelope – Oyster dress.

Shop for Alamour The Label here:


To make your wedding a memorable one, plan it out to be unique and original to all the rest. Dress your bridesmaids in jumpsuits to set them apart from the crowd and let your wedding stand out. Jumpsuits can be feminine and formal. They come in all different designs, colours and patterns.

For a stunning bridesmaid jumpsuit, Reformation is the place to look. They design all their pieces 1-2 months ahead of releasing them, unlike most brands that can do it up to 12 months prior to their release. This means all of their collections are up to date with fashion and treading on the heels of trends. Reformation’s Lemongrass Jumpsuit comes in seven colours and patterns. Why not dress each bridesmaid in a different colour or pattern?

Look through Reformation’s range here:


Style your bridesmaids in loud and exciting outfits for your wedding. Let their dress scream personality and parade confidence while walking down the aisle. Don’t be scared of clashing colours and patterns as this trend is currently swooping the bridesmaid industry.

For the ultimate patterned garment, Zimmermann has got you covered. They are continuously releasing new and exciting ranges that not only follows trends but creates them. Their Ninety-Six Flutter is filled with patterns and colours. The bright colours will make your bridesmaids glow.

Navigate your way through Zimmermann’s collections here:

Simplicity and Sets

Simplicity is a forever trend and will never not be fashionable. Subtle, light shades and colours compliment all body shapes and skin tones. You will never go wrong in dressing your bridesmaids in these elements. A matching set is a growing trend that perfectly matches the elegance of simplicity.

Fame and Partners has a large range of bridesmaid’s dresses that are smooth and sleek. They have many designs in all the colours you could ever dream of dressing your team in. The Round Neck Two Piece Dress is elegant and original. Sets are wonderful for a women’s figure as they perfectly compliment the waist and flatter the hips.

Search through Fame and Partners garments here:

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