Fashion Tips for Cold Winter Weather

Are you sick of turning up to work or classes looking like a drenched puppy just because you didn’t dress appropriately? Or are you embarrassed by your frozen red hands and ankles? Winter weather can really do your flawless look an injustice unless you put sensibility over style. However, dressing appropriately can still look chic! Here are a few fashion tips for cold weather to keep you toasty yet stylish.

Layer like a queen

Since the dawn of time, layering has always been trendy during the winter. And why shouldn’t it when it’s so practical and warm? So, don’t shy away from piling layers upon layers of warm materials every time you go out. Think a turtleneck, sweater, jacket, coat—that’s bound to keep you warm. Or take a different route with a skirt over a pair of pants. A pair of tights under your ripped jeans or a long-sleeve tee under your sweater will also do the trick. And if the weather is really relentless, even long johns you usually whip out for skiing will come in handy for longer walks to work.

Give your old clothing a new life

You might love your gorgeous winter coat today, but come January, you will most likely be super bored with it. Luckily, you don’t have to fill your closet with different coats in order to have a fresh look every time. You can give your old coat a new life by cinching your waist with a belt. This works with any coat—even puffer coats—and will give your look just a little nudge that will make you stand out.

Bling it up with unique jewelry

You might think people will not notice your jewelry under all those layers, but what when you take off your coat and stay in your plain sweater or blouse? Accessorize your look with a piece of winter-inspired jewelry by Moon Magic and give your every outfit a cute and elegant finishing touch. Winter looks definitely don’t have to be boring and devoid of sparkle!

Go with (faux) fur

Winter is the only time when you can pull off fur, so don’t hesitate to invest in a few pieces that will make you warm and stylish. Think faux fur topper, a furry vest over your coat or dig out a cool accent piece like a fur hat or mittens. These will liven up every look and put you in a true winter mood.

Have fun with scarves

While most of us opt for a classic way to rock a scarf—around the neck, there are many ways you can experiment with this accessory. You can take a retro route and tie a gorgeous piece around your head, belt your coat or throw it over your shoulder for a very elegant look.

Add flair with boots

If you don’t like to experiment with your clothing, you might want to attract some attention with your footwear. A great pair of over-the-knee boots paired with a shorter dress will definitely turn some heads. Or, you can show off your new ankle boots by putting on a pair of cuffed jeans. Pro tip: when the snow hits and you need something water-proof and warm, use your booties as a base to build your outfits—don’t just throw them on as an afterthought.

Always carry a bag

This is a very practical addition to every winter outfit. When you have layers of clothing and a bunch of accessories, you will love a place to let them rest while you do your shopping or commuting. Bring a bigger bag so you can pop everything in there and not leave a trail of gloves behind you. Carrying a fold-up shopper in your bag will also allow you to shed a few layers off if you get too hot.

Dressing up in the winter doesn’t have to be a drag. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be warm and cozy without having to sacrifice your impeccable style.

Written by Monella

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