Fashion Focus: Matte Black Everythin

” Thou shall wear black”

Matte Black Everythin is a brand which creates comfy but chic clothes. They pride themselves on creating high-quality products which provide comfort when working out or just having a day when you don’t feel like dressing up.

The original MBE range consisted of a jumper, t-shirt in white and black, sports bra, original MBE leggings , snapback and 2 phone cases. Everything you’d need to be ready for the day, whatever it has in store.

MBE is the creation of Andy Samuels and Danielle Grosvenor. Both are huge fitness fans but realize that fitness wear has a purpose away from the gym.

Since the original collection launched and did really well, MBE has expanded but still retained its original ethos. Singer/ Songwriter Liam Payne is a fan of the brand and has been seen wearing the original snapback.

MBE caters to both Men and Women, which we adore, we love the new ‘Black Frill Dress’.

Bomber JacketBomber JacketBomber Jacket

Black Longline T-shirtBlack Longline T-shirtBlack Longline T-shirt

Black Longline T-shirt

Sports BraSports BraSports Bra

Sports Bra

Sports LeggingsSports LeggingsSports Leggings

 Sports Leggings

Black Frill DressBlack Frill Dress

Black Frill Dress

Shop the whole collection on MBE’s website or exclusively on Diffusion and follow the brand’s socials.






Written by Kelly McFarland

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  1. I’m loving everything about this line, totally understated & cool. The Frill Dress is a surprise I didn’t see coming tho, I’d scoop that up in a second!
    MBE is Everything.

  2. Everyone loves black. I’m dressed everyday at work. It’s stylish and simple most of the time!
    Very good article blog!

  3. MBE are bringing simplicity back into fashion again. I’m really looking forward to where they go next, thus far MBE is really setting themselves apart with their own unique blend of fashion.
    Keep up the good guys!!

  4. Black is always in style so therefore this brand is alway on point with fashion. Like your products. Cheers

  5. I absolutely love Matte Black Everythin! Their products never fail to amaze me! It’s a simple, trendy and beautiful brand!

  6. MBE are just goals in every way! I wish I had the entire collection in my wardrobe 😂 Definitely going to be checking out more of their designs

  7. If you have not tried MBE then what are you doing with your life? Clean and minimalistic looks, perfect for every day 😍

  8. Yes, the MBE has very comfy and stylish stuff on their shop page.
    Also like the black colour and the sport style,
    and their logo MBE is very simple but attractive.
    Very nice they are!
    All n all, recommend them! 😊

  9. MBE seems really awesome and it takes two things I find awesome being comfy and wearing all black hope they continue their success

  10. This whole collection is awesome. I love how simple and elegant the designs are, and just how dope the all black theme is ! ♥️

  11. I love the classy vibe that MBE gives. Everything always looks crisp and stylish. And black is always flattering!

  12. The concept of MBE is perfect for those who are always on the go, like me! The minimalistic style adds to the charm of their brand!

  13. Black colour is so poetic and arrogant colour.
    Matteblackeverythin is a cool and nice brand.
    It has a range of high quality clothing.
    Also iphone 6s cases are so unique black they are so dashing.

  14. The brand message is so simple yet so great!!
    Love the whole Matte Black Everythin idea.
    Comfy clothes, cool style and sickening color 😉 👌🏼

    I’m a fan of MBE

  15. This company is so amazing and I’m so happy for them to be moving forward and getting promoted on other sites good job peeps

  16. I always loved matte black products, now i found a whole product line for it 😀 absolutely wonderful brand!

  17. I’ve been a fan of MBE for quite a while now and I love the simplistic and chic look of their clothes. And of course they’re very comfy!

  18. I’m so in love with the simple, clean, fashionable line. I see myself wearing everything. Everyone should look at this line!!!

  19. As a black kind of color guy I think just the brand name says everything ..I like the simplicity and philosophy of the brand and I am in love with my SnapBack and I can’t wait to expand my collection 🖤🖤

  20. Matte Black Everything has such an appealing theme. By taking simple black clothing and putting their own spin on it, they’ve stepped up the game. Can’t wait to see where they go.

  21. I really think that they got something original! They just need to expand more into male clothing, but it’s really cool!

  22. Monotone of jacket is dope !! Love the cool theme that is created by the black !! Please spread this design into more creative form of fashion ( T shirt , hoodie ,pants )

  23. Brand MBE one of the best .his goal is soo cool and simple and also deep propose to encourage people to work out i wish it a big sucess futur

  24. I love the MBE and the color black can’t get enough 😍😍😍 Less is more and that’s what I love about this company.

  25. MBE stays having the flyest and ever so slimming styles around! Comfort while trying to stay fit? Bet!! 😍😍

  26. Damn this is one if my favourite brands right now! Black isn’t a color its an emotion which you can express with these clothes. Keep the nice work going! Greetings from germany!!

  27. Damn this is one if my favourite brands right now! Black isn’t a color its an emotion which you can express with these clothes. Keep the nice work going! Greetings from germany!

  28. One of my favorite brands to wear! I recommend them to all my friends and family. It a plus that everything is black because that’s all I wear.

  29. Such a dope brand, this clothingline is amazing🙌🏽💯 I love MBE, nothing bad to say about it, just my new personal favourite🔥

  30. can’t get enough of all the dark, elegant, comfortable stuff you guys offer. I want my entire wardrobe to be replaced with this rad collection of chic and mysterious ensembles.

  31. MBE is my favourite brand when it comes to my casual outfit. Just plain black combined with high quality material is what I want. And MBE is my choice.

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