Fashion Focus: Irene Kim

They say “Fashion is what you buy. The style is what you do with it.” When Irene Kim first appeared at 2014 Spring shows in New York, she caught eyes of a lot of people. Dubbed by magazines as the “It Girl” and “an ambassador of buzzing South Korean fashion scene”, Kim has emerged as the key influencer on the Asian fashion and style scene. She is a “global brand contributor” for Estée Lauder and has collaborated with major fashion brands around the world for their projects. With over 1 million “engaging” followers on Instagram alone, Kim exudes an aura of the icon who knows her field too well. She embodies her fashion like it’s a personal element of her being and does so in a manner that makes her presence noteworthy.

Moving between South Korea and America, Irene Kim is a resident of both the countries and the active participant in the activities of both the places. She is signed to Society Model Management in the US and Esteem in South Korea.

She garnered huge attention when she appeared on K-Style, a program that introduces the world with Korean food, fashion, style, and many other cultural aspects. 2017 saw her return to the program where she collaborated with the team to give fans a glimpse into her job as a model and as an influencer. It is a good series to delve to learn how the minds of influencers really work.

But it’s not just in Korea that one gets to see Kim’s prominence. At KCON, one gets a chance to witness her power as she sits amidst her followers, discussing her journey and projects. Recently, Kim was also spotted at BTS concert in South Korea, the concert that saw the presence of many prominent celebrities including actor and BTS’ pal Park Bo Gum.

But what really sets Kim apart?

As a style icon, Irene Kim combines confidence with femininity. Today, when the latter as a concept has been smeared with misunderstandings, Kim showcases what it really means to be feminine. Shunning away people who think that the concept leans towards vulnerability, the model combines rich and bubbly colors to produce some of her most confident looks.

Her trademark is her hair color. In an interview with, Kim talked about the origin of her “unicorn” style.

“I just got bored with black hair and decided to dye the ends blonde. I did it myself because I wanted ombré,” she says, adding that no one was doing it in Korea. “Then some girl copied me and I was like, ‘Uh-uh we’re not going to have the same hair.'” She then dyed it blue.  “I didn’t even tell my agency. I went to the agency and they stared at me for like five seconds in shock.”

The unicorn style also permeates her personal brand Irene Is Good. On her website, one can find the main idea behind the brand and Kim’s belief:

“IRENEISGOOD Label is a brand inspired by Irene Kim’s mantra, #GOODFORYOU. Fueled by Irene’s belief that the world could use more expressions of love and encouragement, IRENEISGOOD Label hopes to empower people to stay true to oneself and embrace one’s individuality. The label consists of basics and accessories with a twist, influenced by Irene’s signature off-duty look – edgy with a feminine flair.”

One thing that has worked in favor of the model and the creator is her openness. Kim’s personality has been inviting; her warm smile and joyful gaze have attracted followers to engage in a conversation with her. She has been able to make use of her personal traits as the key elements to drive her profession and that too in a very positing manner. Her influence is not just a consequence of her unique style but also her presentation which makes it accessible to everyone.

You can follow Irene Kim on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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