Just who are Family Fizz?

An indepth look into our new favourite family.

Here at Fuzzable, we are YouTuber obsessed. From the prank superstars (The Dolan Twins), thought provokers (Shane Dawson) to the beauty babes (SophDoesNails) our subscription list is high, but a recent discovery and new obsession is the adorable Family Fizz


Who are Family Fizz and why do we adore them?

The family consist of Mummy Fizz Georgie, Daddy Fizz Darren, 15-year-old Mia Fizz, 7-year-old Sienna Fizz and the adorable baby Fizz Karma. Their content is based on their exciting day to day life, travelling the world and making the most of every situation. Their message daily is to treasure others, so always set the way to either share their fortunes or to do good to the world. They spread a little sunshine wherever they go, but along the way bring smiles and laughter for their 1.6 million subscribers. We can’t help but feel a sense of joy and want to spread love and kindness with every upload of theirs. We’re going to take a little closer look at each member of the family.

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Happy Monday FizzFam!😀 We're still deciding on whether to turn our family of 5 into 6! 👶 It's so tricky because we know we would absolutely LOVE the baby to bits and @karmaoak would have so much fun playing with another lil person BUT will it just make everything too crazy?! We don't want to leave a 7 year gap again so we feel we should decide soon before we settle back into a good baby free groove. Ahh, decisions like this are so hard even though we feel so grateful to have this choice! Children are such a blessing and bring so much joy to the world.💕 If we did have baby number 4, do you reckon it will be another girl OR a boy this time round? 💖💙 #babylove #family #TreasureOthers

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Mummy Fizz Georgie.

Georgie’s big adventure into the world began at 16 when she was pregnant with Mia. Being a lone parent is tough on even the strongest people, but Georgie provided the best life for her and Mia. Georgie is known for her love of life, her questionable rap skills, and her dedication to making the world better. Georgie balances being a mum and partner with creating content and living the healthiest lifestyle she can.

Daddy Fizz Darren.

Darren had a little bit of a difficult upbringing, but instead of letting the world bring him down he rose like a Phoenix. As stepfather to Mia, we commend how blood ties with her mean nothing and treat her as amazingly as he does his biological children. Darren is a creative powerhouse and always has an eye for detail, he too like Georgie always looks for beauty in the world and always does his best for everyone and everything. He’s a hands-on dad with Mia,  Sienna and Karma. Darren’s dad jokes are questionable but his heart isn’t!

Mia Fizz.

The oldest of the sisters, Mia brings fun and laughter to the family. From time to time Mia gets to call the shots for 24 hours, making MummyFizz dance with lobsters and DaddyFizz water hovering. Mia is known as being the kindest big sister ever, as she’s always there to help and support Sienna and Karma. Just like her folks, Mia is vegan, however, she loves discovering sweet vegan treats; from ice cream to doughnuts she loves them all!

Sienna Fizz.

Sienna is one of the sweetest children on the planet. She’s a massive fan of helping others and giving to the world. On her 6th birthday she asked to have no presents, but instead the money her parents would spend she wished they’d spend on toys but for a children’s hospital. She couldn’t have been happier if she tried getting that birthday wish. She’s always with her toy dog Buddy, and always takes him on her adventures. The pair love helping out with baby Karma, and enjoy nature!

Baby Fizz Karma.

The latest arrival of the Fizz Family is little Karma, the 6-month-old cutie whose captured everyone’s hearts. Although she can’t speak (yet) she lets the world know she’s about with her baby talk and adorable smile. She’s changing and developing every video and you can guarantee she’s going to be as loving as the rest of her family.


What video should you watch first of Family Fizz’s?


Our favourites little Karma trying foods she’d never tried. From lemons to flatbreads, strawberries to cucumber her little face is priceless.


Where can I follow Family Fizz?

You can subscribe to them on YouTube

The family’s Instagram is @FamilyFizz

And their Twitter is also @FamilyFizz.

Whilst your following them on Twitter, make sure to follow us too @Fuzzable.






Written by Niki

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