Exclusive: Abbey Faith Talks Debut Novel ‘Her Secret Husband’

Author Abbey Faith is facing the release of her debut novel, Her Secret Husband, soon, and she had a lot of excitement when we caught up with her. The following interview finds Abbey discussing not only the novel itself, but also her entry into the world of publishing.

Photo courtesy of Abbey Faith.

Good afternoon, Abbey! Congratulations on the upcoming release of your debut novel, Her Secret Husband!

Thank you! I’m excited!

For those at home who may want to get to know you a little better, can you give a brief introduction of yourself?

My name is Abbey Faith and I’m a twenty-two-year-old Kindercare teacher. I also wrote a romance novel that someone liked enough to publish.

What can you tease about your novel for those who may not have yet heard of it?

Well, I do a lot of teasers on Facebook and Twitter, if you follow me there! But my novel (which is the first in a series in six) is about six different siblings that need money and romance. They get into a lot of public mishaps and meet a lot of fun people along the way to love and wealth.

I know you have a fancy for older time periods. Can you talk about the time period in which Her Secret Husband is set and why you decided on that period?

Her Secret Husband is set in 1863, the middle of the Victorian era. I decided on that era because that is the time when things started progressing so fast. These siblings are wild and unorthodox, so I wanted to put them in a period that fit their personalities.

With Her Secret Husband being your first published novel, how did you tackle the process of approaching publishers and working your way into the industry?

Repetition and perseverance. It took me two months to get a response. I got mean responses, ignores, simple rejections, kind rejections – enough rejections to paper a wall, as some other authors say. You just have to stick with it. On January 21st, I sent the book to Red Sage Publishing, who I almost didn’t submit to because their process was so involved, but I did. And then the next day, January 22nd, I got the preliminary contract forms.

What advice, if any, do you have for individuals who may want to enter the industry but find themselves constantly faced with letters of rejection from publishers?

Exactly what I said in the last answer! You have to be determined.

On the other side of things, what was your initial reaction when your book got picked up to be published?

Tears, smiles, and calls to the parents. Oh, and an immediate email saying that I would worship my publisher’s feet (just kidding).

From what I understand, Her Secret Husband is but the first in a series that follows the sisters established in this novel. Are you able to discuss or tease the sisters or the overall arc that runs through the series?

It’s actually not all sisters! It’s about four brothers and two sisters. There’s a family caretaker, an unruly woman, an American gypsy, a veterinarian, a biologist, a homosexual man who loves books, a mysterious bookshop owner, a mathematician, and so many others.

Outside of Her Secret Husband’s series, do you have any projects you’re currently working on?

I don’t multitask on projects or else I’d drive myself bonkers. I do, however, work at a daycare where I say “sit down” a lot and I’m about to go into graduate school.

Finally, Her Secret Husband is slated for a June 1, 2018, release. Where will readers be able to find your novel upon its release?

I am honestly not sure where it will be featured once it’s published, but follow me on Twitter and Facebook for frequent updates! Check out Red Sage’s website, my publisher’s website, for direct updates from my people.

The official synopsis for the novel:

Fara West wants nothing more than to avoid marriage, especially after being wed to an atrocious man and widowed only four months later. But when he suddenly reappears, unscathed and claiming to not remember anything that happened before the shipwreck that supposedly killed him, she is forced back into her marriage. She quickly learns that he has changed into a better man than he used to be. Through a series of humorous, public mishaps and private, sensual moments, she begrudgingly falls in love with the man that she was determined to hate.



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