Eyes down for Strictly Come Dancing 2019 bingo

You know that summer is over and the Christmas countdown has begun when the TV schedule quickly changes. Great British Bake Off, The Apprentice, Strictly Come Dancing and The X Factor all return to our screens as we cosy up on autumn evenings in front of our favourite shows – and let’s be honest, we all have our favourites, those shows we must watch year after year. It doesn’t matter whether you like to give these programmes your full attention, or have them as background noise, one thing is for sure, they’re crazily addictive. If you’re a fan of bingo, you’re in luck – as we have created our very own Strictly Come Dancing bingo scratch card.

Play along at home – it doesn’t matter whether you watch alone or with family, friends or your partner – although, of course, like physical bingo, it’s loads better if there’s a group of you. We’ve listed 25 scenarios that we expect to see during the course of the series and once you’ve heard or seen them, tick them off. The winner is the person who’s quickest to spot each of these and by the end of the night, has won the most points, thus winning your very own glitterball. So, what do you need to look out for?

  1. The camera pans to the couple smiling and waving on stage, before running VT to their training session
  2. During the VT, the celebrity struggles to get the moves/timings in training
  3. During the VT, the celebrity falls over (bonus point if they fall during the actual performance)
  4. Behind the scenes, a celebrity is excited about getting glammed up
  5. A costume contains lots of sequins (bonus point if it’s the male celebrity/professional’s costume)
  6. A female celebrity/professional has a totally different hair colour/style to their natural one
  7. During the performance, there’s a wardrobe malfunction
  8. During the performance, the celebrity can’t keep up with the professional and they look out of sync
  9. During the performance, an older male celebrity looks as though they’re ‘dad dancing’ and it makes you cringe
  10. During the performance, Bruno’s on his feet dancing/clapping along
  11. At the end of the performance, the celebrity or their partner collapse to the floor in exhaustion
  12. At the end of the performance, a couple receive a standing ovation from the audience
  13. At the end of the performance, the camera pans to the celebrity’s family, friends or colleagues (from their ‘day job’)
  14. At the end of the performance, any of the judges are on their feet
  15. During the comments on performance, Bruno and Craig disagree/argue
  16. During the comments on performance, Shirley and Craig disagree/argue
  17. Craig scores a couple low marks and the audience boo
  18. Bruno delivers his score with a flourish or extreme hand gesture
  19. Tess/Claudia have to console a couple who have received low marks/performed badly
  20. Judge or presenter remarks how Saffron Barker will be this year’s Joe Sugg
  21. Judge or presenter remarks how David James is not bad for a ‘keeper
  22. Motsi refers to female contestant/s as ‘girl’ or ‘mama’
  23. Craig refers to contestant/s as ‘darling’
  24. Judges all agree on their scores (bonus points if a perfect 40 is scored)
  25. Tess and Claudia end the show with “keep dancing”

Written by Monella

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