Experience Mickey Mouse in 3D With Every Step This Chinese New Year!

CALLING ALL DISNEY FANATICS . . . walk right this way, we have exciting news for you!

This Chinese New Year, sportswear giant Adidas has teamed up with Disney to not only perfectly dress your feet for the occasion, but to also bring Mickey Mouse to life as you have never seen him before!

Available to purchase on their US site from February 2020, the CNY: Mickey Mouse Pack is set to feature two Stan Smith style silhouettes, one pair of Superstar sneakers and a fanny pack. However, this new range includes one spectacular showstopping aspect, Adidas is bringing Mickey Mouse to life.

The ‘Mickey Mouse Stan Smith 3D’ design sneakers feature a comic strip graphic design. Watch through the supplied 3D glasses as the beautifully eye-catching illustrations bring Walt Disney’s beloved character to life right before your eyes.

The second Stan Smith style sneaker in the brand new range is the ‘Mickey Mouse Out Of Office Stan Smith’. This subtle and stylish design features a black and white silhouette of the iconic Mickey Mouse, and incorporates full-grain leather uppers. These sneakers are perfect for adding a slick Disney aspect to all your outfits.

The final pair of sneakers in this exciting new range follows the traditional Adidas Superstar style, being the ‘Mickey Mouse Out Of Office Superstar’. This design uses the same silhouette as the black & white Stan Smiths, however this time, it incorporates the use of color, primarily that of Mickey’s iconic scarlet red. These sneakers are a must-have, standing out from the crowd with their eye-catching classic design, Walt Disney would be proud of.

The last item in the CNY: Mickey Mouse Pack is the ‘Mickey Mouse Fanny Pack’, perfect for any occasion and matches the sneaker designs perfectly. This time, we see Mickey Mouse with his classic white gloves and iconic face, as he is embellished onto the front of the fanny pack. Incorporating both red buckles and double zip, this is a must-have for any Disney fanatic and extremely handy.

The full Adidas Originals Lunar New Year Mickey Mouse Pack will be available in the range of approximately $51 to $128, from 20th February 2020.

We don’t know about you, but we want it all! Which item are you most excited to get your hands on?

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Written by Amy Carr

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