Exclusive: Jaz Ellington Unveils New Music Video For ‘Don’t Run’

London based British artist Jaz Ellington has released his new music video for ‘Don’t Run’ today.  You may recognize Jaz from his appearances on the Voice UK. Jaz was also selected to potentially represent the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest performing his track ‘You’ on live national television. He has shared the stage with artists such as Lauryn Hill, has collaborated with Will.i.am on an exclusive NASA project.

Nothing helps us escape like music, even if it is only just for one little moment. Through the power of music, Jaz Ellington wants to connect with audiences on an international level, because he truly believes that by creating raw, authentic, and unique music, he can set their minds and hearts free! Hailing from London England, Jaz’s approach to music is direct and honest. A grounded and genuine artist with a passion for creating poignant lyrics and captivating soundscapes. Jaz use’s music as an “audible diary”. This essentially means that he freely expresses his own personal experiences, thoughts, and emotions in his music releases.
With over 15 years of rich experience immersed in the world of music, Jaz had his breakthrough success in 2012.

Image: Jaz Ellington

He performed “Ordinary People” on The Voice UK and received critical acclaim. Now, he has performed a multitude of live shows, shared the stage with famous acts such as Lauryn Hill, and has even collaborated with Will.i.am on an exclusive NASA project. Last year Jaz was one of six people chosen to potentially represent the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest, performing “You” on live national television.

Have you ever been kissed by the wind, suspended in animation? “Don’t Run”, which is the new single from The Voice UK Alumni, Jaz Ellington, takes you on a reflective journey through every relationship you’ve ever had. With epic vocals and a haunting melody, this track will hit you with a wall of sound while gently speaking to your soul. The music video is a reflection of a broken relationship. All lines of Communication and trust have failed and it looks and feels as though there is no hope. Actors Harold Obodai & Yasmine Alice really brought the song to life playing out real-life issues that occur in relationships. The music video for ‘Don’t Run’ is directed by Steve Brockerton, which is released on May 10th, 2019.

Watch the music video here on YouTube

With epic vocals and a haunting melody, we hope you will enjoy ‘Don’t Run’ as much as we do! Tweet us your thoughts on the music video by Jaz Ellington at @Fuzzable

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