Exclusive Interview: Zoibaf Talks About Progressive Music!

At Fuzzable, we love to introduce our readers to new, aspiring, and talented artists from the music industry. Today we have Zoibaf, a young 26-year-old music producer from Italy, who is a new emerging talent in the EDM music scene. Learning and mastering his skills, Zoibaf has alternated different genres in his productions over the years passing through Electro House, Big Room and Future Bass but his most known productions come from Progressive House. Some of the most famous songs in the modern day of this genre which continue to excite fans are produced by major artists like Hardwell, Avicii, Nicky Romero, and the Swedish House Mafia, etc.

Zoibaf has recently released his latest song titled “Voices,” where he collaborated with TRUNG. This latest offering follows the previous remix track for the song “Heaven” by Avicii and Chris Martin that was released in conjunction with the release of the Swedish artist’s posthumous album and was made in collaboration with the singer Hennri. Zoibaf has also collaborated with several other international artists such as TRUNG, Vanto, Exodus, 3mon and has worked with known singers such as Jex, LUX, AXYL, and Brooke Tomlinson.

Image: Zoibaf

We had a chance to sit down with Zoibaf and chat about his latest release, music career, future plans, and much more. Read below to know more.  

Hi Zoibaf. Welcome to Fuzzable. For anyone who is new to your music, can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi everyone! My name is Zoibaf, I’m 26 and I come from Italy. I mostly produce electronic music and I have also worked on some different genres of music previously. Anyway, my favorite productions are always Progressive House ones but I’ve also worked on some Future Bass and Future House productions. I have just released my new song “Voices” together with TRUNG, which is a Tropical Chill House so it is quite different from my previous releases.

You’ve recently released a new track “Voices – Zoibaf x TRUNG”. Tell us more about the idea behind the song? How did this collaboration come up?

Yeah, I have just released my new song “Voices” together with my friend TRUNG. I really like this song because it’s a bit different than the previous releases. The style is a mix between Tropical House and Chill House and has a very melodic and relaxing drop. The vocal, unlike the others, has been made by singers and it was taken from a vocal pack available for everyone. Thanks to my friend Szatrasie, we also managed to create a very nice video that fits perfectly with the song. Overall, I am very happy with the result.

This sounds good. Your first single “Infectious” was released in 2014 via Prisma Records. How did you grab that opportunity?

Yeah, “Infectious” was the first song that I released and it was a very important moment because after experiencing so much I was able to create something that I loved. I had sent the song to different labels thinking that no one would accept it and fortunately, I heard from Prisma Records and they accepted it. I was really very happy. Of course, since then I have improved a lot in productions and I have also changed genres but I still enjoy listening to my old songs!

Growing up, how important was music in your life? Can you recall the moment when you decided to opt for music as a career? If not, what do you think you’d be doing?

Yes, music has always been a very important part of me and it shows my growth. My passion for music started when I was very little and with different styles like rock and rap. At one point I discovered, electronic music and from that moment I decided that that would be my way. There are several artists who have contributed to increasing my passion for this genre, for example, Nicky Romero, Paris Blohm, Martin Garrix, Tom Swoon., but the artist who surely had the greatest influence on me was Avicii. 

While I was doing a little research, I found out that your real name is Fabio Nicora. Why did you decide to go by another name in the industry?

When I started DJing, I used my real name Fabio and for that period it was fine. But when I decided to move ahead and try to create my own music, I needed a name that characterized my figure as an artist and so the name Zoibaf was born, which then is none other than my inverted name.

You have a pretty good line up of the songs such as “Stay here”, “Break Through”, “New World” and “Remedy”. What made you so invested in EDM and progressive music style?

Yes, almost all my latest productions are Progressive House genres. This has always been my favorite genre but when I started producing, I couldn’t create any song that I liked and so I tried playing around other genres like the Big Room or the Electro House. Now I’m glad to have reached a point where I can create Progressive House liked by others, even if obviously we never stop improving.

Zoibaf, What is your creative process behind producing a song? Which is your most favorite part of the job- writing, recording, producing or performing?

Usually, when I work on the creation of a song, I start from the drop and then I structure everything else around that and finally I look for a vocal singer. On the other hand, in collaborations, it depends on how the idea is born. Sometimes, I work on the other drop on the break and the vocal. The part I like most about this world is to work on the freazuone of new songs, even if at the moment I don’t have many live shows so maybe in future I will change my mind!

You’ve collaborated with a number of artists now. Who is your favorite? How different is it while collaborating with someone rather working on your own?

Yes, I’ve worked with many different artists from around the world and I really like to collaborate with others! Personally, I don’t have a favorite artist because every producer that I have collaborated with helped me to learn something new and have ideas that I might not have had by myself. Working alone allows you to have 100% of the decisions on the project and the realization of the song and sometimes it can be an advantage. But in some cases, it can happen that the ideas to finish a project may be missing and therefore one or more minds can help in making a good production.
Also, collaborate with other producers also ease the promotion of the song. (laughs)

How’ll you describe your relationship with music in three words?

An incredible Journey!

You were born and grew up in Italy. In what ways has your personal music taste that you grew up on has inspired your current music style?

In Italy, the music of this genre has very little space and this obviously makes it very difficult to be noticed. My musical growth as far as electronic music is concerned comes almost exclusively from abroad and this is really a shame because there is so much potential in Italy. I hope that things can change in the future!

Who are your major musical inspirations, dead or alive? Have these influences changed over time?

During my growth, I had many artists who inspired me both, DJs and singers, such as Linkin Park or Green Day, but the producers who inspired me the most are Martin Garrix, Manse, Volt & State and many others. The artist who has always inspired me the most and still inspires me today, every day is Avicii who, unfortunately, is no longer with us.

Yeah! Well, Avicii has always been one of my favorite too. So if given a chance to collaborate today, who are your top three picks?

This is a difficult one. If I have to go and pick names from already very much known artists, then I think the best three are Martin Garrix, Marshmello, and The Chainsmokers. Instead, for lesser-known artists can be Manse and Wildvibes.

Do you have any plans to hit the road soon?

I would really like to be able to play my music because you feel it more like something of yours than playing other people’s songs. My plan for the future is to try to improve more and more until we reach a level high enough to be noticed.

Zoibaf, where do you see yourself in the next three years?

I honestly don’t know where I will be in the next three years because there can be many variables.
But I’m sure of one thing, music will still be one of the main things for me and I hope it will be my only occupation.

What’s next in 2019 for Zoibaf? Tell your fans what other interesting projects you’re working on?

I am currently working on multiple projects both in collaboration with other artists and singles and I am hoping to publish some soon. To get good results, unfortunately, it takes time to find the right singers and complete each song as best as possible.

How do you take out some time away from work and unwind yourself? Where can we catch Zoibaf if not in the studio?

Music is the main activity I do, but I also have many other hobbies like playing football even though I’m injured at the moment. I love going out with friends and getting to know new people!

Thank you for chatting with us today!

Thank you for this opportunity and for this interview. I hope you like my new song!

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