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Today on Fuzzable, I would like to introduce you to one of my most favourite authors, Lacey London!

Lacey London is the author of the Clara series, which features 13 stories, including her latest release ‘Clara’s Greek Adventure’. She also is the author of ‘Anxiety Girl’, in which she shares her own personal story of anxiety with her readers

Lacey kindly agreed to do an interview with myself, where we speak about what inspired Lacey to be an author, her reasons for bringing the Clara series back, some exciting news about her Anxiety Girl series and much more!

Hi Lacey! Welcome to Fuzzable, we are so honoured to have you on the site. Would you like to introduce yourself to our lovely readers?

Hi, lovely Fuzzable readers! My name is Lacey London, I am 29 years old and I live in Alderley Edge with my husband and our furbaby.

Some authors just know from a young age that they want to write for the rest of their lives and some find their passion later on life. When did you know that you wanted to be an author and what inspired you to take that leap in writing your very first book?

I’ve always had a love for books, but it wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I first put pen to paper and wrote my debut novel. Once I started, I just couldn’t stop and twelve months later, Clara Andrews was born. I would never have believed back then that Meet Clara Andrews would kick-start an eleven-book bestselling series. It really is a dream come true.

Who are your favourite authors?

I have so many favourite authors, but Lindsey Kelk, Sophie Kinsella and Jane Costello are up there.

Which genre of books do you enjoy reading when you’re taking a break from writing?

Lately, I have developed a new-found love for autobiographies. Getting my teeth stuck into something gritty is a welcome change after being in Clara’s crazy world!

You have previously mentioned that Clara Morgan and Sadie Valentine take a lot of your qualities. Do any of your other characters also take qualities from people you know in real life?

I absolutely adore people watching, so it’s fair to say that all my characters are based on people I have crossed paths with at some point.

You created Anxiety Girl because of your own personal experiences with Anxiety. Have you had a lot of people approach you and thank you for sharing your story?

The response to the Anxiety Girl series has been completely overwhelming. I never expected to receive such incredible feedback. It’s extremely rewarding to know that my own battle against anxiety is being used to help others with their mental health.

You released Anxiety Girl around the same time I was diagnosed with anxiety and was really struggling, so I would also amongst the many other people, like to say a massive thank you for sharing this story.

Thank you for reading it! Taking the plunge to release Anxiety Girl into the world was a big step for me. To have such a low point in my life be the inspiration for something so positive is a great feeling.

If you could pick between your two book series’ to become a TV show/movie, which one would you choose and why?

Most definitely Anxiety Girl. The Clara series will always be my first love, but Anxiety Girl is a lot closer to my heart for so many reasons.

You did initially end the Clara series, however last year brought her back. What/who was it that helped you find your way back to Clara? I for one am absolutely over the moon about you writing about Clara again!

That is so lovely to hear! After ten books, I genuinely believed the series was coming to a natural end, however, I was inundated by Clara readers demanding I continued to write Clara’s story. It took a year-long break for me to be able to see that Clara and the gang still had so many stories left in them. Now that I have jumped back into the wonderful world of Clara, I never want to leave.

What piece of advice have you been given throughout your journey of being an author that you think could be vital for aspiring authors?

The best piece of advice I have been given is to develop a thick skin. Being a writer means that you expose yourself to criticism and it can be a bitter pill to swallow. People are entitled to their own opinions and their opinions won’t always be positive, but you have to learn to brush it off and move forwards. It’s important to recognise that there is a difference between constructive criticism and destructive cristism. Take the constructive criticism onboard and forget the rest.

Now, what piece of advice would you give to aspiring authors?

To never give up. Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you want to be a writer, write! Dedicate a section of each day to writing, even if it is just a few minutes. Sooner or later, you will see your story snowballing and all the hard work will pay off.

Okay, so now we know plenty about your writing, we want to know more about YOU.

Favourite season?

I like to think I love autumn, but when the season comes around I am reminded of how much I hate being cold. I think I’ll go with spring.

Favourite movie?

I have so many! Shirley Valentine, Dirty Dancing and Scarface are amongst my faves!

Favourite book?

I do love the Nearly-Weds by Jane Costello. I just think it is the perfect girly read.

Favourite food?

Curry. I love anything spicy.

Favourite place to travel?

I love Chester. I find the history there fascinating, but I also adore the sunshine. Snoozing on a Caribbean beach is my idea of heaven.


My husband and I love to go on long walks through the countryside. I also love drinking wine, but I don’t think that really counts as a hobby, do you?

Any pets?

I have a dog called Oliver, but my husband and I call him Mr Tumnus. Don’t ask…

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Bookaholic, workaholic and coffeeholic.

And finally, do you have any upcoming books planned for the future and can you tell us about any of them?

The 11th Clara book, Clara’s Greek Adventure, is scheduled for release February 16th. I can also reveal that the third Anxiety Girl book is due for release this spring!

You can follow Lacey on Twitter and purchase all of her books on Amazon.

Also, you can read my reviews on Lacey’s books here.

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