Exclusive interview with Fly By Midnight and Carly Paige – ‘I Feel It’

New York’s own retro-pop duo, Fly By Midnight, comprised of singer/songwriter Justine Bryte and producer/songwriter Slavo have teamed up with LA-based singer/songwriter Carly Paige for their fresh new single, “I Feel It” which has been described as your next go-to-feel-good anthem“. Fly by Midnight and Carly Paige completed almost all of “I Feel It” in their one-day writing session, a testament to the artistry of all three of them. Carly Paige’s dreamy cadence perfectly compliments Fly By Midnight’s unique harmonies, creating infectious pop perfection. “I Feel It” is a delightful and irresistible listen.

We recently had the chance to talk to Justin, Slavo, and Carly about the new single, their inspiration, their future plans, social media, and much more.

Hey! You’ve recently got a single out called ‘I Feel It’. How do you feel about your brand new release?

Justin– Ah I see what you did there *laughs* I think with every release of ours there’s a balance of excitement and nerves. We’re growing as artists & creators and I think this track is a perfect example of it. 

Slavo – The reaction has been really unique with this one in particular being it’s our first original featuring a female artist. Exciting our current fans is why we’re doing what we’re doing, but when we reach a new audience which I think we’ve begun to do within the first week with this new song, it’s something really special. 

Justin – For sure. The song’s definitely a bit out of our comfort zone & I think people are appreciating that.

Carly, for anyone who doesn’t know you, could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Carly – My name’s Carly Paige. I’m an artist and a writer. I’ve been living in LA for a few years now, and I’ve just been writing like crazy. Finally started to release music this year. 

How did this music collaboration come up?

Carly – I released my second single in May, and the guys hit me up on Instagram saying they dug it. I clicked on their page and really liked their vibe and hit them back. They said they were coming to LA in a couple weeks and that they’d love to get a write-in. All I had open was the weekend so we got together on a Sunday evening and wrote for a few hours.

Justin – Yeah .. it was pretty crazy how quick everything came together once we were in the room too. We’ve worked with a ton of different writers and there’s always that sigh of relief when you’re vibing with someone in a creative environment. 

Slavo – Agreed. When we first heard Carly’s music we really fell for her sense of melody and funny enough, that’s exactly what she brought into the session. We all related to the concept which I think helped a lot.

What do you find the most that inspires you to write a song?

Justin – It varies. I think as a writer you go through waves where you pull from the pages of your own life, but sometimes it just doesn’t work that way. Slavo & I have sometimes heard a word and been inspired. I think it’s about always keeping your mind open to a story whether it’s yours or one that’s presented in front of you.

Were there artists you idolized growing up and have those influences since changed?

Slavo – Growing up I listened to Billy Joel on loop mostly in part to my Mom. So as a writer that’s always been a huge inspiration of mine. Being on the production side I’ve really gravitated towards Jon Bellion’s work these days. His drum pockets are such a signature attribute to his sound and I think that’s inspiring for any producer.

Who are your favorite artists currently you wish to work with?

Justin – There’s so many. Lately, we’ve had bands like The Night Game & Joan on loop. I think we all have a very narrative way of approaching writing that could be awesome to blend. 

Slavo – It’d be so dope to collab with Cardi B on something. I think she’s such a fun upbeat energy and that’s exactly what we embody. Plus, she’s amazing and lovable.

Let’s talk a little about social media influence these days. You are pretty much active on your Twitter and Instagram. How do you think social media affect music and an artist’s popularity these days?

Carly – Social media is so crazy important because it really connects an artist to their fans. It also allows you to connect with other artists and makes collaboration easier. Your social media pages are where you post all of your content, where you get people excited about what’s coming next, so the bigger the following, the more people you’re reaching.

Justin – I agree. It’s everything. It’s been a real amazing thing watching fans we’ve built through these social media channels become fans of the live show. Especially this last year it’s been wild. Meeting people who were once usernames from all over the world is the most new age weirdest/coolest thing ever. 

Slavo – There’s pros and cons. Obviously, it’s an exciting device to have and it allows us to tell our story to fans like never before. But, I also feel like there’re moments where we as artists in this new age even get a little too comfortable on the other side of the lens. It’s important for us to constantly remind ourselves that meeting fans/new people face to face and gigging live is just as important as social media. 

Can your fans expect anything else from you in the near future? 

Carly – Yes! I’m planning on releasing my next single this fall, and then I also have some collaborations in the works! I’m so excited to share it with the world.

Slavo – We’re always working on new music. Maybe an album who knows .. I don’t know anymore. Do you know J?

Justin – No idea. Definitely some songs we’re stoked about on the hard drive right now. Also, there’s an official video for “I Feel It” coming that we’re ultra-hyped about.

Here’s the link for the official music video for “I Feel It”. Go check it out if you haven’t already!

You can listen “I Feel It” here on Spotify and iTunes and don’t forget to tweet us about what you think of this brand new release and wildly creative music video released on September 28 at @Fuzzable 

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