Exclusive Interview With Beauty Guru Belle Jorden

Belle Jorden is the makeup artist and YouTuber that is changing the way we look at makeup. She represents that makeup artistry is an art, coming up with some of the most intricate and beautiful looks.The beauty from Brighton boasts a 172,000 strong channel and an Instagram at the same. Belle is known for her amazing mix of glam, grunge and her incredible tattoo’s. So when Fuzzable got the opportunity to speak to Belle, there was no way we’d be able to say no!

Hi Belle, we have fallen in love with your statement tattoo’d and alternative ‘Barbie’ style. When did you discover this to be your signature look?

 I’m not sure really, I’ve always said I have two sides to my personality. One side is tattooed and a bit edgy and grungy and the other side of me is ridiculously girly. So I just mix the two sides of me together and I guess that’s how I got my look. 

You are our go-to beauty guru to look to for advice and inspiration, but who are yours? 

My favourite Youtubers are Itslikelymakeup, Jkissa, Atleeey, Desi Perkins and Jackie Aina. I’m always really inspired by my husband too. He’s a Tattoo Artist and he has an incredible work ethic. 

You’re an incredible YouTuber and influencer, we wanna know what’s your favourite part of your job. 

Thank you so much! My favourite part is just getting to be myself and having no limitations on what I can create and do with my job. It’s amazing to have so much freedom. 

The thing that sets you aside from a lot of others in your position is you make incredible tutorials and help everyone learn every step along the way, is this something you’ve enjoyed doing? 

This is something I have always and will always enjoy about makeup and my job. Before Youtube I was a professional makeup artist and used to teach one on one lessons. It’s really cool that I can do that on a wider scale. 

In 5 years time, where would you like to be in the makeup world? 

I haven’t really thought about it to be honest. I kind of take each day as it comes right now. I would love to still be doing what I’m doing and maybe be creating my own products. Who knows! I definitely want to own my own company one day, even if it doesn’t end up being makeup related. As long I’m doing something creative I’m happy! 

If you only were allowed 3 items to get ‘belle’d up’ for an event, what would they be? 

 Foundation, Lashes, and Lipstick! 

For any of our readers who are just starting to explore makeup, what would your advice be? 

Be yourself, don’t compare yourself to anybody else and never stop learning.
Watch Belle’s incredible ‘Grungry Glam’ tutorial below;

We are super grateful that Belle Jorden has taken time out from her day to speak to us, and after this interview, we are more inspired than ever to break out of our comfort zones and experiment more with makeup!
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Written by Niki

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