Exclusive Interview: “Red Dead Redemption 2” Actress Meeya Davis

Meeya Davis Glover is one of the many incredible cast members of the multi-award-winning phenomenon Red Dead Redemption 2. Born and raised in the Detroit, Meeya later moved to New Jersey in 2012 to study acting in college before soon being thrown into the world of the Wild West in Rockstar’s hit game.

The game has sold over 23 million copies worldwide and has won countless awards thanks to the spectacular writing and performances by the insanely talented cast. Meeya Provides the voice and motion capture for Tilly Jackson. Today, we at Fuzzable had the pleasure of chatting to the actress.

For those who may not know Tilly, can you tell us a bit about her?

“Tilly is a camp girl for the Van Der Linde Gang, where before she was in a gang known as the Foreman Brothers, she was not treated with respected there and was separated from her mother who was a slave at the time. Arthur and Dutch brought her into the gang like family and saved her, Tilly is super sweet and super strong, very empowering.”

What have you been up to since the game has been released?

“Trying to learn how to play it! I’m really not much of a gamer but my husband is. I found it so hard to get to grips with the controller and tried to figure out the left and right triggers! Post game I went to the Sundance Film Festival, it was incredible yet intense, it was filled with so many Hollywood Actors and Directors and writers, it was daunting yet fun! I’m also going to be in one episode of the final season of Orange is the New Black!”

Did you know what you were getting into initially when auditioning for the game?

“No! I went in for a commercial audition. I wasn’t given any background of my character or anything. When I found out it was Rockstar I did start to say “oh they do motion capture” so I had a bit of an idea when I found out it was Rockstar, I really didn’t get information on my character until my actual days for shooting, it was so nerve wracking, yet exciting! I had never done something like this before.”

Why do you think characters like Tilly are needed in the media?

“It’s such a changing world, in the best way! Giving a voice to black gamers and getting to connect with fans on an emotional level within social media. It’s such an important message to have strong women standing up for themselves, the message is good to both black and white gamers, it was so good to expand the horizons with the message.”

How do you feel about the reaction to the game?

“I am blessed by Rockstar! I was not grasping what was about to happen, the first weekend was crazy! I was not prepared at all for the outpour of support, it was crazy to here that people had finished the game that weekend and I was still in the beginning credits! I love interacting with the fans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. The support has been amazing.”

You have worked with the cast for so long and In many ways you have certainly become a family, is this true?

“Absolutely like family, I have grown with the cast. When I had first started I had just gotten engaged and later pregnant with my son, we would just continue to check on each other and hang out. We couldn’t really spend time with each other properly while we were filming so there wouldn’t be any rumours circulating, but we would text each other all the time, I text the girls all the time and we hang out a lot. Roger [Clark] deserves all the success and love that he is getting, he is a truly gentle and humble person. It’s crazy I actually went to High School with Harron Alexander who plays Lenny Summers, he is also from Detroit, so when I saw him I was like ‘What are you doing here?!'”

How much has the game changed your life?

“It’s opened my eyes to a whole different world, before I didn’t see the passion within gaming, but it has definitely changed my perception on that and on gamers themselves, a game transcends you to a whole different world like watching a TV show, I can see why it can take a gamer away emotionally and give them a real escape. Just getting on your horse as Arthur and going up to the mountains, it relaxes me. The game was so much bigger than me and has changed me.”

So what lies in the future for Meeya Davis?

Well I see tacos in my future *laughs* No but I see more success in things that changed my life like this game, and I hope to get more projects that allow me to step out of my comfort zone. I would like more projects that allow others to have that immersive experience like the game.”

We wish Meeya the best of luck with her future and applaud her role as Tilly Jackson. We thank her for empowering women in her role and showing them how to be stronger!

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Written by Kay Simpson

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