EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Myndplay CEO Tre Azam discusses brain training with MyndBand headset

Technology company MyndPlay has launched the MyndBand headset, a special device which aims to provide users with a multitude of app-based exercises, helping to train the brain and improve resilience based on stress levels.

MyndPlay MyndBand headset

The MyndBand features three different sensors to measure brainwave activity, which is later transferred via Bluetooth to a smartphone, tablet or computer to allow users to take a further look at the activity on their brain as well as how focused and relaxed they were.

MyndPlay MyndBand headset

The headset also uses EEG Neurofreedback, integrating directly with Virtual Reality (VR) devices.

Here at Fuzzable, we got to talk to MyndPlay CEO Tre Azam, to find out a bit more about MyndPlay and how it can help users cope with their mental health.

How did you come up with the concept behind MyndPlay?

The realization that mental health and mental fitness were linked in the same way as physical health and fitness, the key driver was then making sure that the brain fitness was based around fun, play and interacting with your mind.

What is the main goal of MyndPlay?

In short, creating generation Jedi by providing the tools to train the brain the way we do our body to a future in which everyone can make their mind perform like an athlete. Most importantly make training the brain fun, engaging and interactive.

What are some of the main benefits of using MyndPlay for helping to cope with mental health?

Neurofeedback allows us to get real-time feedback from the trainer, allowing us to train mental focus (what we think about) and mental calm (how we react). MyndPlay makes developing consciousness, control and mastery of Focus and Calm by interacting with videos and film, games or real world objects using simple user friendly devices and apps.

What are some of the advantages compared to other EEG Brainwave headsets?

MyndPlay MyndBand is a low cost single sensor EEG, the primary function is to train the pre-frontal cortex. It is customisable and can be worn as a band, cap, custom headgear or integrated into a VR headset. it is comfortable, easy to use and has all replaceable parts. MyndPlay EEG headsets also come with pre-installed algorithms so can be used with third party devices and hardware.

What type of exercises are involved to help people deal with stress and anxiety?

Stress and anxiety are often linked to events, triggers or situational. By training attention and calmness, a user becomes more capable of handling with and dealing with the situation through awareness and active control. Anxiety is also reduced by demonstrating our active ability to control our mind and emotions. We are not a slave to emotion unless we give up control.

How many calories could one aim to burn through using the MyndBand?

I have no idea, but would be interested to find out.

A woman wearing the MyndBand headset

As well as helping people to deal with their mental health, do you think MyndPlay will help people to challenge themselves during their workout routines?

MyndPlay have been working on professional coaches and athletes for over 10 years, the training is about developing the minds ability to get into the right state of mind to push their limits by using focus to move away from pain and using the mental relaxation post workout to speed up recovery and rehabilitation of muscles. For competitive sports the system is also used to develop impulse control and enhance peak performance mindset.

Do you think training the brain will help improve your overall performance when exercising?

Yes, in every aspect of life. Training the brain is all about developing a skill that can be applied in work, sport, play, performance and meditation.

Have you found any benefits from using the MyndBand yourself?

I have Hyperkinetic Disorder (ADHD) and have used it to help with impulse control, attention training and most importantly as a feedback tool for meditation. The key benefit for me was becoming aware of my triggers and the sensations that occur before getting hyper so can regulate it better. It also allowed me to realise I don’t like screen based training for the brain and decided to become a Jedi by creating the MyndHub.

Do you have any plans for similar programmes in the near future?

I have always believed instead or building the programmes we should build the platform for subject matter experts to build upon and allow individuals to train their brain in whatever way they prefer. We have mind controlled videos in which the narrative and story flow are controlled by the mind and emotions of the viewer; this is to create a stimulus response loop where the video evokes an emotion and the viewer is rewarded for mental control.

We also have the VR platform for immersive training and phobia treatment. It allows users to sit in their brains and watch neurons fire or play videos and games in 360.

Lastly we have the MyndHub which allows any USB, electrical, mechanical or connected device to be controlled, operated or powered using mental focus or calm. The platform brings the brain into the real world so we can actually lift weights, open doors, drive robots, control lights or build a custom circuit with mental fitness as the switch.

We would like to thank Tre for taking the time out to talk to us!

If you want to find out more about MyndPlay and purchase the MyndBand headset, then click here.

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