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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Jenny and Lucy West discuss career as personal trainers

Jenny and Lucy West are not just identical twin sisters – they are also fitness experts, athletes and personal trainers!

The two sisters have used social media to share workout and exercise videos alongside nutritional and lifestyle advice to their large follower count, and have also competed in bodybuilding competitions.

Here at Fuzzable, we spoke to Jenny and Lucy to find out more about their careers and how they have been helping others during these unprecedented times.

How did you decide to become personal trailers/athletes?

Jenny: “I have always been into feeling fit and strong, even from a young age I loved that feeling. I was really into PE at school and as I got older, I realised that I wanted to work within the fitness industry but also wanted to work for myself.

“Around the same time, I started to go to the gym to support a friend and really buzzed off the gym environment. I started to help my sister workout too and my friends would ask me for training advice. It was then that I realised I wanted to become a Personal Trainer.

Lucy: “Fitness has always been a part of my life and it all began after we started a joint fitness Instagram account and competed in bodybuilding! I couldn’t imagine my life without fitness, health and personal well-being playing a part.”

How does it feel to be able to help and ‘train’ others to exercise and perform to the best of their ability?

Jenny: “It is so rewarding pushing someone to their limits that they’ll most likely never reach without you. I love the look on clients faces when they hit a new weight or speed or achieve a weight loss goal. It’s so rewarding and reminds me why I do this for my job. I’m naturally someone who likes to help others so it is the perfect profession for me.”

Lucy: “It feels amazing to de-bust fitness fads and food fads and to lift people up mentally… we are more than what we look like as humans! We’re approached by so many different people, with varied goals and aspirations. To be part of their journey is so rewarding!” 

Do you think it has become more of a challenge for people to lose weight and stay healthy during the coronavirus lockdown?

Jenny: “I think lockdown has shown people that they don’t need a fancy gym kit to workout. You can really get creative! I know that a lot of people have said they’re going to continue to work out from home as they’ve enjoyed the ease of it, their workout being in the back of the garden and they don’t have to arrange for someone to have the children etc.  

“However, I would worry that the motivation to workout will reduce if people don’t go to a gym because for me it’s that feeling of walking in to the gym and the music is playing and there is plenty of kit to choose from and it’s the whole buzz of the environment.”

Lucy“Yes, it has become more of a challenge because for most people they see exercise as something they have to do, and so when given the chance not to, they’ll take it. I also think it’s been difficult because people haven’t followed their normal routine, and with gyms not being open they have missed their regular exercise regime. It’s also hard to motivate yourself, and some people prefer to exercise with friends or groups and that just hasn’t been possible.” 

How have you been motivating your followers during the lockdown, when a lot of them will be staying at home and looking for other ways to exercise?

Jenny: “During lockdown I have been doing a lot more Instagram stories hoping to motivate my followers with recipes, live baking, showing them my workouts as I am doing them and also posting my workouts in slides so they can watch and save. I also re-launched my website and developed some training guides called ‘Train Like Me’. The Train Like Me Home Guide in particular has been really helpful for my followers during lockdown as they can just do it at home.  

“I have also been encouraging them not to put too much pressure on themselves to workout either, circumstances during lockdown will make it more tricky and people shouldn’t feel the pressure to keep up with what they see on social media.”

Lucy: “I’ve been telling them to find balance and to find new ways to exercise. It’s a situation which has affected everybody, and people respond in different ways. Mental health is crucial, so I think you need to find the right balance and do whatever feels good for you during this time. Hopefully it will be over soon!”

What are some of your favourite exercises to do and why?

Jenny: “I love doing weight exercise, but in particular compound exercises such as squats and deadlifts. They’re so much fun to do and also get me breathing heavy and sweating even!”

Lucy: “Weightlifting, weightlifting, weightlifting… always! It’s the feeling of strength and connection I get with my body and muscles that I love. And for me, it produces great results.”

How do you keep track of the calories you burn per day?

Jenny: “I don’t track the calories I burn, I just ensure I move throughout the day rather than sitting on the couch all day, and will do around 5-7 weight workouts a week.”

Lucy: “I don’t keep track of the calories I burn, but I am mindful to get a certain amount of steps in! It’s good to move about as much as you can and by managing my diet, I feel that I’ve got the balance right. Of course, I enjoy a treat too!”

What type of foods do you like to eat in order to stay healthy?

Jenny: I eat a varied diet full of nutritiously dense food but I don’t deny myself junk food either. It’s important to not demonise any food as this creates an unhealthy relationship towards food. If I fancy cake, I will have it! I just make sure that 80% of my diet will give my body what it needs with lots of fresh and nutritious food. The other 20% will be whatever I want.

Lucy: “I don’t really ‘eat’ to stay healthy, as I’ve always enjoyed a variety of healthy foods, but I DO love my veggies!! Lots of pepper, onions, mushrooms, carrots etc. Again, it’s about having a good balance, and just be mindful of what’s good for you and what’s not!”

How do you track the calories and the macros of the food you eat each day?

Jenny: “I don’t track my calories personally and certainly not my macros. There really is no need to track all of the macros. Calories I get and I will encourage anyone with a weight goal to track calories so they can ensure they’re giving their body the right amount of energy for their goals.

“When it comes to macros I will encourage my clients to count protein to ensure their muscles are able to rebuild and repair. Fats and carbs don’t need to be tracked. If you have a weight goal tracking your calories is enough. I am able to know from looking at my food what I can eat to maintain or lose weight as I have competed many times in the past and am very familiar with the weight and calories in foods.”

Lucy: “I don’t track macros or calories. I listen to my body and mindfully eat. I used to track calories in the early days but it wasn’t sustainable and didn’t work for me in the long term. I know my body inside out now and listen to it more.”

Do you still have “cheat days”, where you will treat yourself to junk food every now and again?

Jenny: “I don’t do cheat days or cheat meals as it really encourages binging and a negative mindset with food. Even referring to food as ‘cheating’ puts a negative spin on it. I eat intuitively and don’t deny myself anything. If I am trying to get leaner I don’t cut out junk food I would just have less of it or move around more.”

Lucy: “I eat a little bit of what I want every day… but at weekends I do indulge more and I don’t concern myself with what I’m eating. If I fancy a treat I just allow myself to go with it! But of course you know your own body, and maintaining a healthy food mentality should include the odd treat or cheat day if that works for you.”

Jenny, you recently appeared on and won the MTV series “The Challenge: Total Madness”. How did it feel to win the show, up against many other celebrities?

Jenny: “It was awesome to win, the feeling is overwhelming! I couldn’t even cry! It’s nice to know that all my training in the past and my focus on making my body strong and healthy has paid off! I am so grateful for the experience and opportunity.”

What plans do you two have for the future with the lockdown easing?

Jenny: “To get back into the gym and train as much as I can – I miss the gym so much! I also miss eating out and getting all dressed up!”

Lucy: “Get back into a good consistent routine with my weightlifting again and get into a gym. I tried yoga during lockdown too and will be keeping up with that as I’ve really enjoyed it.”

Finally, do you have anything to say to anyone who is trying to keep up a fit and healthy lifestyle? 

Jenny: “Don’t cut anything out. As soon as you do that you’re not going to keep it up. Sustainability is KEY. Balance is KEY. Train often for enjoyment as well as to make your body strong and fit, eat healthily 80% of the time and whatever you want 20% of the time. You get one body so look after it, don’t just train to look a certain way, train to make your body healthier, stronger and fitter!”

Lucy: “Yes, make sure the exercise is something you love so it isn’t a chore! And keep consistent and be patient for change… it won’t happen overnight but will be well worth the wait and effort.”

We would also like to thank Jenny and Lucy for taking the time out to talk to us! We hope the answers they’ve provided help inspire anyone who is trying to keep an active lifestyle.

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