Exclusive Interview: CC Clarke on Castaway Beauty and staying true to herself

CC Clarke is a lady of many talents. She can sing and she knows what’s hot and what’s not in the beauty world. She created a hugely successful wig line and is now expanding her beauty empire with the launch of Castaway Beauty. We recently caught up with her for a chat.

In 2016 CC released a video tutorial on youtube, it featured her getting ready for a night out, doing her makeup and putting on a wig. From their the whole thing sort of spiralled and brought out her own line of wigs.

“After seeing the success of my wig line that I created, I wanted to expand and introduce other brands and products and kind of create a one-stop beauty shop. It was almost like a united vision of mermaid’s hair and then ideas of what products could I not live without on a desert island which then became the castaway beauty business idea and I thought it was quite unique. “

Wigs have always been something that CC has had a strong affinity with. As she found them a great way to easily change up her look without damaging her hair.

“There is zero damage to your own hair which is a bonus and it allows you to switch up your look instantly which is always cool. Every week for me is a different alter ego haha.”

She is passionate about instilling confidence in people to wear wigs as an easy way to change up your look.

” To be honest, people think it takes a lot of confidence to wear them which holds people back from trying them. However, that’s why I wanted to create wigs that have more of a natural root and as soon as you put that wig on you do feel like a new person and you can fall in love with whatever character you want to be that day. “

For CC one of the most important things for her is brand authenticity and building up a business she is proud of. CC has worked hard at building up a brand, although she has had some help.

” It [Castaway Beauty]was brought to reality through hard work and my husband Buzzy who works with me behind the scenes of the business.”

Building a brand that her fanbase love and believe in is as equally important to CC.
“I never would want to break the trust I have with my followers. But also the chance I have right now and the platform is quite precious and time sensitive and I want to be very particular with building my brand. Of course I want it to be the best it can be, represent me and also the young girls and guys that are looking for inspiration. “

Fashion and beauty has always been something that CC has enjoyed even from a young age.

“It always went hand in hand with what I love doing which is performing. Growing up I was involved in theatre, I loved the make-up and wardrobe side and that’s where I started wearing wigs and exploring different images, When I left college I dabbled in modelling while I was in the studio working on my music. My biggest influences in music have had such an impact on my life and how I approach hair and beauty. Once I found out that 90% of Beyonce’s looks were wigs that were a game changer – I decided to channel my inner sasha fierce haha.”

Having a large following on Instagram is something she doesn’t take for granted.

” When I started everyone said it would never work because girls wouldn’t be interested in wearing wigs and doing their make-up like Kylie Jenner. But as soon as I started doing these tutorials on how to get the look I was getting thousands of comments, my videos kept going viral which was amazing – every video turned into millions of views. I feel so lucky to be able to share my passion with my followers who are amazing, so loyal and love to learn how they can replicate some of the coolest looks out there. “

She has a few apps which she loves and utilises to make her feed look amazing. “For my filters and photography I can’t live without Vsco.For music I love Shazam – it’s amazing and I use it most days.Obviously Instagram!Lately I’ve been loving the app been because you type in where you have been and it tells you the percentage of the world you have visited – it’s very cool. Everytime I go away somewhere I add in somewhere. Now I’ve been to 11% of the world so still a lot more to see!”

To anyone wanting to follow in CC’s footsteps she says”I would say find something that really represents you – don’t be afraid to experiment within what you love doing. Once you see what works keep doing that. I think the best bit of advice and it’s so simple but it’s that consistency is key. In this industry if you take your eye off the ball your letting your followers down and they are so loyal. Not boxing yourself in and feeling like you have to fit into a mould. You can set new trends – don’t worry about how bizarre you think it may be – my advice would be go for it.”

CC has a busy year ahead full of top-secret projects, music and experimenting more with the wigs and makeup. “I’m excited to release music later this year and also I’m working on a couple of secret make-up projects as well which I can’t wait to share. I’m also going to be expanding my wig collection and I am working with some of my absolute favourite brands in the world which is a dream come true. When I started in make-up I couldn’t afford all the amazing products and not a day goes by when I don’t pinch myself – I feel really lucky and always want to work as hard as I can for my followers to give them really great advice and tips and tutorials because they have totally changed my life.”

You can find out more about Castaway Beauty here.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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