Everything You Need to Know About MINDSET by DIVE Studios

If you are a fan of Korean artists, there is no way you might not have heard about podcasts like K-Pop Daebak with Eric Nam, The Tablo Podcast, or How Did I Get Here. With a catalog of 11 shows (and growing), DIVE Studios is building a new form of interaction between fans and their favourite artists. And now, they are back with MINDSET!

MINDSET, by Dive Studios, is an audio platform launched in February that aims to provide space for artists to share their stories, talk about their personal experiences and life challenges. As the tagline says, Life is Hard, Let’s Face it Together, the collection of audios by the artists intend to provide comfort and normalize the discussion of mental health and wellness for audiences around the world.

As per the launch newsletter,

“The stories are incredibly honest, heartbreaking, redemptive, encouraging and inspiring. Topics range from mental health, emotional wellness, physical fitness to basic tips and tricks that our artists used to endure and thrive in this wild ride called LIFE.”


MINDSET offers 150+ minutes of premium audio content with text transcripts and a safe community for active engagement. In addition to providing a platform to both artists and fans to discuss different topics, MINDSET, with proceeds from each collection will donate a portion to a charity of the artist or celebrities’ choice.

The first artist to be revealed for the collection was Eric Nam, who took on Twitter to share a message for his audio collection:


The platform has now revealed the second artist: Tablo from Epik High. In his teaser, Tablo shares all that he intends to talk about through his audio collection:

“Sometimes, my mind feels like an endless series of unfortunate events. Like I have been through things that are pretty dark and twisted to the point that it is pretty surreal to me that I am even here. That I am still alive talking to you guys. You may know me from my music, the sold-out tours, the best-selling books, the TV shows or maybe even from the news. Because I have been involved in my fair share of controversy for the things I never did. But being Tablo of Epik High is just one part of who I am. There is a lot more to this guy named Daniel Lee, Seon Woong Lee. Through my mindset, I am travelling back to certain memories in my life that I’ve kept locked away for ages. Things that are honestly a little scary for me to talk about. Like going really, really deep. I want you to walk away from my mindset knowing more, not just about me but about yourself and how to deal with some of the insanity that life throws at you. But don’t worry it’s not all doom and gloom. I am also going to talk about the great, amazing, beautiful experiences I’ve lived through as well. I want my MINDSET audio collection to be a resource for you because if I have been able to survive an insane, crazy life, you most definitely, definitely can survive it too. The fact that I am here talking to you guys is a living testament to that.”

Tablo’s audio collection will drop on March 2nd.



The MINDSET app is available for download on Apple Store and Google Play Store. For other details, you can check out the official website. To keep up with the updates on upcoming audio collections, you can find them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Are you looking forward to the collection? Have you already started listening to it? Share your thoughts via tweet @Fuzzable.

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