Everything we learnt from James Charles’ Makeup Masterclass

When starting out with makeup YouTube is usually the first place you go to for help and guidance, but in a world full of complex tutorials and techniqes it can be very hard to learn and understand the basics. It’s hard to find lessons on basic makeup application, as most large YouTubers are all about complex looks. James Charles has noticed this issue and thankfully come to our rescue.

James Charles is one of the internets best makeup artists, with over 3 million subscribers. James created a fantastic step by step guide to basic makeup application sharing some of his own and industry taught hints and tips. We decided to create this little guide to share everything we’ve learn from James’s ‘Answering the webs most asked beauty questions’ video.

  • It’s vital to every single makeup look to wear moisturiser. Hydrate your skin before you do anything. Remember, oily skin is not the same as hydrated skin.
  • A silicone based primer will not only even out skin texture and minimalise pores, it will also act as a barrier between your skin and makeup, preventing breakouts.
  • If your makeup slides off your nose throughout the day because of wearing glasses or oily skin in that area, applying  a thick cream concealor before you use foundation etc can really extend nose makeup.
  • When swatching a foundation in the store, swatch some on your neck and then walk outside. You will get a clearer idea of the shade in natural light rather then the shop’s artifical lighting.
  •  Using a makeup sponge instead of a brush to apply your foundation gives it more of an airbrushed look. Just make sure you wet it first, so not too much foundation is absorbed onto the sponge.
  • Apply a lighter shade of concealer under your eyes and on the high points of your face to brighten and make you appear more awake.
  • Set your under eyes fast to avoid creasing. Use the pointed end of your damp beauty sponge and dip it in your chosen powder and then push the powder in the under eye area to set.
  • Once all your face is powdered, set it with a fixing mist. This will help the powders melt into the face and stop it looking cakey. Wait until the mist has dried before applying contour highlight etc.
  • Bronze using a warmer toned powder in any place where your face gets hit by the sun. This will help you to look healthier.
  • When contouring, don’t go all the way down your cheek bones to your mouth, just go about half the way from your ear down. Buff your contour powder upward not downward to make it look much more natural.
  • Contour under your jawline lightly to hide any double chins
  • To make your highlight pop a little more, apply fixing spray to your highlight brush before dipping in your hightlighter.
  • To highlight your nose, use a much smaller brush for prescision.
  • Don’t bake if you have dry skin. It’s only going to dry your skin out further.
  • If your skin isnt too dry, bake! Pack a loose powder under your contour, pressing 45it in with a beauty sponge. This will sharpen your conour.
  • After a few minuites of ‘baking’ buff away the powder revealing brighter and sharper contours.
  • After baking, spritz with your fixing mist again.
  • To make your lips appear bigger, use a slightly darker lip liner then your lipstick and over-line!
  • Only over-line your top lip, not your bottom as it looks too false.
  • Once you’ve applied your lipstick, blend your lipstick and liner together by feathering a little more lip liner over. Create a gradient effect.
  • To further the illusion of full and plump lips, apply a gloss into the centre of your lips.

James’s hints and tips are all incredible, and truly makeuo game changing. Watch the video below to watch James’s guide for yourselves.


We’re totally waiting for James to give us his guide to eyeshadow. But until that video comes along, follow us on Twitter @Fuzzable for all the latest beauty news and reviews.


Written by Niki

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