Etude House & Hershey’s Have Answered Our Prayers!

There are two types of people in this world, those who are devoted Chocoholics and others who are Ultimate Make-Up addicts. Which one are you? Hard choice isn’t it? But whoever said you could only have one or the other? Hold onto your socks because we are about to blow them off!

We may have just found the answer to all of your prayers. Prepare yourself for the ultimate match made in heaven!

Popular beauty brand giants Etude House have recently launched their sweetest Make-Up range yet, teaming up with world-renowned candy company Hershey’s to create the most mouthwatering makeup kit we have ever seen.

The limited-edition Etude House x Hershey’s range consists of six brand new beautiful items so aesthetically pleasing that we just have to have them all, and the best part is they are available for purchase, right now!

First up we have the Hershey’s Play Colour Mini eye shadow palettes. The cute collectible palette is available in two different editions, being Original and Cookies ‘N’ Creme. The Original palette includes six gorgeous brown shades perfect to compliment any occasion, while the Cookies ‘N’ Creme palette consists of softer brown and beige tones to match any outfit.

The Original Palette


Cookies ‘N’ Creme Palette 


The objective behind these magnificent Make-Up palettes was to create a range of eye shadows with chocolatey textures that softly melt into your skin, giving you a gorgeous glossy finish.


The next product on the list is the Hershey’s Powder Rouge Tint, also available in two editions; Almond Chocolate which is a burnt orange-brown color & Hazelnut Chocolate, a true mauve brown. These stunning shades compliment a variety of skin tones and are infused with cocoa extract which moisturizes the lips, keeping them both supple and soft.


Hershey’s Powder Rouge Tint


Last but certainly not least is the Hershey’s Eyeshadow Brush available in two versions again, Original & Cookies ‘N’ Creme. The two brush options consist of a classic eyeshadow blending brush which is the Original version and one with a pointier tip ideal for blending along the lash line to create the perfect shadow – the Cookies ‘N’ Creme version.


Hershey’s Eyeshadow Brush


Released on the 22nd January, the full Etude House x Hershey’s Chocolate Make-Up collection is available to purchase on for $58. It will also be available as of 1st February at @etudehousejapan

Which items are you most excited to get your hands on? For more content like this, head on over to @Fuzzable on Twitter!

Written by Amy Carr

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