Erielle: My 2017 in pictures

“I have two choices: It’s a bad year, it’s a good year. It’s going to be a FANTASTIC year”

-Mangus Scheving // BBC Breakfast 2008

2017 was an interesting year, filled with ups and downs. But despite everything that happened, I gave it my all and was able to get through all 365 days.

Throughout the year, I was able to practice more of my photography during events and other projects that I was to get involved with.

And out of all those captured moments, here are the photos that sum up my 2017.


1. Nazarene Day 2017

Nazarene Day 2017

In 2017, I was able to attend Nazarene Day in the Philippines (with the help of my dad). For those who are unaware, Nazarene Day in the Philippines is one of the largest Catholic events as nearly millions of devotees gather to touch the giant Black Jesus statue.

The event starts at 5am in Qurino Grandstand and it takes nearly 24 hours to bring the statue back to Quiapo Church.

It was an eye opener to see one of the biggest event unfold in front of me as I only hear stories of this event through the media.

2. Vidcon Australia 2017

Hank Green w/ Volunteers

Vidcon Australia happened.


I got both the community and creator pass and this convention played a theme in one of my university assignments. It was a blast meeting other content creators, as well as meeting a majority of my online friends who travelled far and wide to get to Melbourne.

Hank was so nice to allow me to take a photo of him with the volunteers of the event.

3. Bands

Sheppard 2017

Context on the photo above… George Sheppard pointed at me when taking this shot. I’m a huge Sheppard fan and I’ve been to almost every Sydney show they’ve performed. I’m still shocked on how good this photo turned out to be since I didn’t expect that I would be able to capture it properly on my camera.

But asides from that, I was contacted by my other favourite band – Far Away Stables, to cover their album release tour last minute. It was really cool seeing what happens behind the scenes.

FAS 2017

4. My online friends

I’ve met a lot of my online friends this year and made new ones along the way thanks to conventions.

The most noteworty highlight of this moment is when I was able to meet Madison, an online friend I’ve befriended back in January 2015.

The idea of us meeting up first started as a dream and we were able to make it a reality.

If it took Madison and I 2 years to meet IRL… then anything is possible!

5. This sunset

This photo was taken when I went to Fiji with my university.

After days of hard work, we deserved a break. I asked my lecturers if it was possible we’d see a sunset.

I see sunsets as a way to see time passing. As the sun lowers itself down towards the horizon, you witness how the day has come to a close and night will emerge from the skies.

It’s beautiful.


The photos shown here represents what my 2017 is about.

It was making use of the time I have to try new things and gain experience with the skill I have. So much as happen in the year that it’s hard to comprehend what just happened.

Overall, I’m happy that so much has happened to me this year and I’m looking forward to what 2017 has to offer.

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