Elevatione Guardian Night Cream – Tried and Tested.

Elevatione are a luxury skin care and cosmetics brand. Everything from Elevatione is beautifully crafted and high class. The brand truly believe that beauty is more then just skin deep. The global botique does have a luxury price tag, so for the past two weeks Fuzzable have decided to test out the ‘Guardian Night Cream’.

Our main skin concearns are hormonal breakouts, dry skin, dark under eye bags and large pores on nose. We usually use No7 Restore & Renew Face and Neck Multi Action Night Cream, priced at £25, the 50ml usually lasts 6 weeks.

The Guardian Night Cream claims to be; A nightly facial cream, designed to deliver ultra skin enhancement that works while you sleep to achieve beautifully plumped skin by morning.

This unique cream is based on the AQUALUXE patented complex. Master of moisture, this complex mimics the osmoprotectant system that enables marine algae to survive the alternating salinity of the estuaries. This phenomenal ingredient ensures an optimal skin hydration balance, improving the skin’s water holding capacity and boosting its moisture level for an extended time after application.

So, with high hopes, Fuzzable begins this in depth review.


The first ‘introduction’ to this product was the BEAUTIFUL packaging. The box is white with the companys logo embossed in silver, with a magnetic clasp, once opened there is a beautiful piece of artwork on the inner flap, and then the product itself with a scoop for the product. The jar is a matte black jar with a silver lid, the lid has the trademark Salvador Dali melting clock face pictured on top. The packaging overall is stunning, and if brought as a gift, gift-wrapping wouldn’t be needed.

First use.

The first time using this product, I did use a heaped ‘scoopful’ and it was soon evident that this was too much. The cream is thick, and smells divine. Hints of lavender oil are present, perfect for aiding a good nights sleep. A tiny amount of cream goes a very long way when rubbed in. On instant impressions, my skin felt soft, and healthier.

The next morning, I woke up and looked in the mirror. My under eye bags were less visable then they were previous, my skin felt plumper especially the sags of under eye bags. My hormonally induced break out had calmed slightly, and my dry skin felt hydrated. My makeup applied alot smoother then usual that day, and actually lasted a few hours longer then usual. The only part of my every day makeup and skin care routine that had changed was this product.

Seven days later.

My acne breakout has cleared completly, my large nose pores have shrunk, my eye bags have almost vanished, and are certainly no where near as creased and dark as before. My dry skin is still slightly present, but no where near as bad as before. Makeup application is easier then before. I’m using less base makeup as my blemishes are dissapearing, my under eyes arent as dark, and my pores have shrunk.

Two weeks later.

I’ve been poorly with tonsilitus, and usually when I am ill, I get run down. My skin has been known to look like a cheese and tomato pizza when unwell, my bags are usually darker, and my skin gets drier. Not this time. The Guardian Night Cream made my skin still look healthy and loved even when I was not.

I am not using concealer much at all any more to brighten my under eyes, only on very late nights. I am able to skip priming my face for day to day makeup, as my pores on my nose are not troublesome any more and all over my skin has an even texture.

I have found that in two weeks, unlike my other night cream I have hardly made a dent in the amount. I use about a pea sized amount every night, so I believe this jar will last me around 6 months, compared to 6 weeks. A massive difference.


Pro’s of the Guardian Night Cream.

  • Skin complaints are solved within two weeks
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Tiny amounts needed
  • Lavender aroma helps aid sleep
  • Skin is left hydrated and glowing

Cons of the Guardian Night Cream

  • It does everything to make you look and feel beautiful except apply your winged liner for you.

Final thoughts.

If I do my maths correctly, the only issue I had going into this was the price (£142), however, with the 4-6 jars of my previous night cream used in the 6 months or so the Guardian Night Cream will last actually works out the same or slightly less. Then factor in the spot treatments I am needing less off, the tubes of primer and concealer, it essentially is a one wonder product.

The difference in eye bags with makeup on is huge. My skin before (left) is with 2 layers of concealer, my skin on the right is after and with only one thin layer.

I love my skin now. I feel more confident, I am able to walk around without makeup some days. That you cannot put a price on. This is an investment, but investing in your skin is the best investment. 

You can check out the Guardian Night Cream here, believe me it is worth it.

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Written by Niki

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