Electric Fireplaces for Warmth and Aesthetics

The Electric fireplace is the sophisticated modern alternative to conventional heaters or hearths and is rapidly increasing in popularity across the domestic fashion scene. The electric heater is a perfect combination of beauty and functionality and can be used to create the focal point of a room.

The function is simple enough. Heat is generated by an electrically powered heating element. The warmth spreads through the room through radiation and convection but also with the help of a small fan.

Then there is an attractive mantelpiece just like an actual hearth and this can be chosen to match the interior of the home. The leaping dancing flames will be simulated artificially, yet realistically. Dimplex is a manufacturer of many such fine options and some of their expertise on the issue is included in the content below.

How Are Electric Fireplaces Better Than Traditional Fireplaces?

The electric fireplace for the wall runs off a far more efficient power than burning chunks of coal or firewood. With a fireplace, it is best to heat the entire home to maximize the efficiency of fuel consumption but the electric heater can be used to warm a single area and reduce the energy expense. Furthermore, you will have none of the added stress of starting the fire and clean up.

Another obvious advantage is the availability and endless supply of fuel, something that you can’t enjoy in the kerosene or wood burning fireplace. A gas fireplace will not have the same limitations but will require the installation of a gas line. But one of the foundational advantages and the thing electric fireplaces are best known for is the zero-emission rates that set them apart from “real-fire” heaters and contributes to their overall longevity.

A traditional fireplace is a testy contraption and only an experienced person can operate them safely. Electric fireplaces are considerably easier to use and don’t include any of the serious safety hazards confluent with a real fire.

An electric fireplace is also a portable and adaptable idea. If you change your mind about its location after some home renovation, you can pack it up and move near the settee in the next room. All you need is the standard electrical outlet featured in most homes and presto, warmth, ambience and beauty. Finally, this alternative to freezing in the cold is available in many style options that can suit a modern minimalist décor or even a classic stonework hearth for a rustic hunting lodge.

What Are the Drawbacks Of Electric Fireplaces?

While the option is far more convenient and energy efficient than the traditional wood burning fireplace, you can’t expect the effect to be 100% identical. You will not have the nostalgic smell of pine cones or other fragrant woods being scorched in flame, not thrill to the sparks and sizzles that emanate from an open fire.  These are the definitely the aspects people look for most in a traditional fire-based heating system.

In realization of this need, some clever manufacturers have created water-based “smoke” substances capable of containing artificial fragrances and a small speaker that utters various crackles, pops and other fire-related sounds. Ironically, this has failed to fool the discerning modern consumer. 

Another consideration would be the reliance on electrical power. While this is a relatively reliable source of power, if the power were to go out in the event of a snowstorm, for example, you will be left freezing in a blizzard, quite literally. Furthermore, the heating element consumes a considerable amount of energy to produce the warmth you enjoy. So, you may see a sudden spike in your energy expenses. Especially if you used the electric heater in the same way you use the wood burning fireplace. 

In conclusion, the electric fireplace is a smart alternative to the conventional options in both aesthetics and functionality. Some precautions will have to be made to finetune the use of your electric heating system to ensure the best user experience.

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