Easy ways to get a digital passport photo

The majority of us own a smart phone. We happily snap pictures on them every few moments. We edit and upload, sharing them with everyone we know and an awful lot of people I know. We create albums and even order prints from time to time when we are feeling retro. From selfies to scenery, pets to people, our phones are stored full of pictures that we scroll through from time to time.

When we do take a few moments to review our handiwork, it is often the case that we realise we are not quite the professional we like to think we are! Off centre subjects, shadows, dodgy backgrounds and so many more issues besides. It is actually really easy to get a BAD picture.

So when it comes to something as important as your personal identification, how do you ensure your digital passport photo meets all the requirements it needs to? One way to get your passport pictures right and allow your application to be processed without a problem is to use an online passport photo generator.

Getting a new or renewing an old passport can be a costly business so the last thing you want to is have to get multiple ones printed or spend your precious time going backwards and forwards to get your picture just right. A passport photo generator is a cheap solution to get them just right first time.

There are so many parameters to getting your passport application completed that it can be a complicated process. Even getting your photo the right size as there are different requirements for each country. If you need a US passport photo, the US passport size is different to those in Europe. For example, a size very popular in Europe: 35x45mm photo. In order to avoid any confusion (particularly if you might have dual nationality) is to use an online photo tool. Using a photo tool that has all the measurements already set in place can make it a faster process to get yours correct in the first place.

With the shift to the digital age, passports are moving online to become ePassports so these tools will become more and more used. The youth of today spend more time on devices and online than ever before and this is only set to continue as time moves on. We are constantly connected and digitally savvy so the traditional printed pictures and documentation will soon be outdated and might even become totally obsolete.

This can bring many benefits. You cannot lose an electronic passport for one! Nor can it be stolen out of your bag or pocket and it would be more difficult to clone an electronic passport, particularly if it was to include biometric data.

All in all, the shift to a more digital process for important identification documents is a good one and with tools like this available to help, it’s much easier too!

Written by Monella

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