It’s Dupe O’Clock!

The very best thing YouTube and Pintrest have taught us is that for every high end product, there are hundreds of lower cost products on the market which try to do the exact same. We’ve decided to whittle down the very finest list of dupes around for you all so you can get the high end looks for a lot less.


Benefit’s world famous Porefessional is brilliant at holding your makeup all day, filling any pores and fine lines in and keeping your oils at bay. The Maybelline Baby Skin is almost identical to look at, plus it also keeps your makeup in place, fills your pores and fine lines and also keeps them oils from ruining your makeup. It’s a fraction of the cost, buy it here.


Estee Lauder’s double wear foundation is a staple in so many’s beauty kit. It’s famous for it’s high coverage, staying power and perfect finish. But, Primark have released the My Perfect Colour foundation, and when tested it’s almost identical to the Estee Lauder. The only down side to Primark’s is the shade range. Only 6 shades.


Tarte’s Shape Tape concealor has been a holy grail makeup item for so many for so long. The creamy formula, the coverage, the fact it’s life proof. Makeup Revolution have decided to create a formula as great as the shape tape, just a heck of a lot cheaper. YouTubers like Jefree Star and Laura Lee have made the swap, and for £4, we are sworn to never look at another concealor again. Plus, theres 18 shades, soon to be more. It’s available here.


Theres not a beauty guru who doesn’t swear by Laura Mercier’s translucent powder. It’s beautifully formulated, glides seemlessly on your face and is perfect to bake with. RCMA’s No Color Powder is almost identical. The only real difference is price.


Anastasia Beverly Hills’ contour pallet is perfect to scult and bronze away anything you may need to. The powder formula is honestly perfect. As is the NYX Contour Pallet. The shades are almost identical, but NYX do have two extra pans in their pallet, and it costs alot less. Buy here! 


Nars’s Orgasm is known for being the most beautiful blush. The gold reflects, the pink, the smooth powder. Makeup Revolution have made an identical blush in their sculpt and glow kit. The kit is £3.50 and not only do you get Orgasm’s twin, but you get a blinding highlight and a bronzer too.


Becca’s Opal is one of the high end high shine must-haves. You can literally glow from space with this highlight. Makeup Obession’s Pearl is almost identical, but £3 instead of £30ish. Buy it here before they run out of stock!

Eye Shadow

When Anastasia Beverly Hills released the Subculture pallet, the beauty community found that the coulor scheme was beautiful, but there was an issue with powdery texture. Then W7 swam in, created the ‘On the Rocks’ pallet that had a creamy and high pigmented formula, not powdery but super affordable. Alot of people prefer the cheaper option to the high end original.


Two Faced’s ‘Better Then Sex’ mascara is the perfect mascara. It leaves your lashes looking and feeling volumised and fluttery. Kiko have created an almost identical mascara, the brush is slightly different but your still left with lashes that are better then anything. Buy it here.

Brow Pomade

Again, Anastasia released a revolutionary brow product. The dip brow is so many’s go-to brow product. It can be a pricey however Freedom’s brow pomade does the exact same, the coulors are so similar once applied and it’s only £5. Buy it at TAM Beauty.


Love him or hate him, Jeffree Star’s lipsticks are in a class of their own. The only lipsticks that come close are the ColorPop liquid lips. The Jeffree Star Celebrity Skin colour is almost identical to ColorPop’s Times Square. It may not smell of soda, but the colours are almost twins.

We hope you find these amazing dupes useful. Getting products that look and act the same is a great way to save money on beauty products, check out our list of other amazing ways to save.

If you’ve found any amazing dupes, tweet us and let us know @Fuzzable.


Written by Niki


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