The Drugstore Eyeliner We’re Obsessed With and You Can Buy 3 for £5

Hi, we are Fuzzable and we have an addiction to buying affordable makeup. We’re always popping to our local drugstores and supermarkets to purchase unnecessary beauty products. One of the many brands we’ve tried and loved is the super affordable brand Miss Sporty. Miss Sporty has been in stores for 7 years and has many influencer fans such as Emily Canham and SophDoesNails.  Whilst on our latest shopping trip, we decided to try an eyeliner we’d not used before from Miss Sporty- the Crazy Look Liquid Liner, and we thought we’d let you know the results.

How and why did we pick the Crazy Look Liquid Liner?

Whilst stocking up on holiday essentials from our local Superdrug store, we headed the the Miss Sporty counter to pick up a ‘Really Me Foundation Stick’ from the brand (it’s the perfect medium coverage stick foundation- just what we needed on holiday) and noticed the any 3 products for £5 offer on the brand. So we picked up a cute nail polish and saw the liner. Although we hadn’t tried this particular liner before, Miss Sporty do have some incredible other eyeliners we’ve adored.

Things we noticed before using it.

First of all, unlike other super affordable liners, the tube felt heavier on this one. It felt more weighted and stable to hold. The lid firmly fits on the pen, and clips on. Which gave that high end and expensive feel. The nib on the pen is a flexible tip, which has an extremely thin point. Everything so far pointed to be positive.

Using the liner.

So, first things first, we do not have NikkieTutorials natural liner talent. We’re a bit unsteady and can be a little messy. This liner was the easiest thing to use ever. It’s a very simple case of press down lightly for a finer line, heavier for a thicker line. The tip has the right amount of flexibility to glide and create straight lines but gives you maximum control.

The liner is black. Like extremely black. It has maximum opacity so you won’t need to double There is no skipping or smudging. The formula isn’t too wet or too dry, it’s just perfect.

Wear time.

Our usual liner lasts 8 hours. Some days it smudges, others it doesn’t. This liner may be a third of the price, but it lasted perfectly from 8 am until 10 pm when we washed it off. There’s been no smudges, no itching, in fact, we wouldn’t have known it was there if we’d not seen in a mirror or using the dog filter on Snapchat it was that comfortable. It didn’t transfer or anything.


Final Verdict.

This liner is cheap in price, luxurious in quality. We’d even go as far to say it’s an exact dupe for a certain ex BFF of Jeffree Stars’ tattoo liner. There is nothing that would make you think drugstore about this liner. Sorry to all of our other liquid liners, you are now retired.


Where to shop the Miss Sporty Crazy Look Liquid Liner.

The best place if you are in the U.K to buy this liner is Superdrug, it’s £3.99, however, the 3 products for £5 offer is still on, so you can either keep a stockpile of this liner or try out some of Miss Sporty’s other awesome products.


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Written by Niki

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