Disney’s Dumbo Soars Into Cinemas!

Soaring into our cinemas right now is one of the most anticipated live action re-makes Disney have ever teased, of course it is none other than the beautifully stunning classic ‘Dumbo’!

The remake was released on the Friday 29th March, however Dumbo dates way back to 1941 when the original film was released by movie giant Walt Disney. Dumbo was actually the fourth animated feature film to ever be released by Disney! The original story line follows that of an exceptionally cute baby elephant who is ridiculed by others for his unusually enormous ears. The story takes a stab at our emotions when Dumbo is separated from his mother, branded as a ‘Mad Elephant’ and locked away simply for defending her baby. Forced to go it alone, he befriends a mouse named Timothy who helps him to discover his incredibly unique talent which eventually saves the circus and releases his mother from captivity – his brilliant ability to fly!

As Dumbo is one of our favorite Disney classics of all time, the thought of a live action re-make was not something that originally sat well. This was due to the beautifully traditional opening credits of the original film and the uncertainty around how Dumbo himself would look as a real animal rather than a cartoon.

However, we were pleasantly surprised and rather blown away with how amazing the re-make actually is!

The movie greatness, that is, iconic director Tim Burton, has taken an old classic and created something so beautiful! The best aspect of the live action re-make is that it is not a simple straight replica of the original story line, therefore can stand on it’s own.

Burton’s creation features iconic elements from the 1941 classic such as the Pink Elephant’s On Parade, A Stalk, Mice, Clown Dumbo, His Special Feather and many other things, however builds upon the story laid out by Walt Disney. The baseline story of a baby elephant ridiculed for his enormous ears and separated from his mother is presented throughout, however other stories are interlinked within.

Other characters within the circus have their moments in the spotlight, the story of a widowed father injured in the war with two incredibly talented children, a trapeze artist and her love for Dumbo as well as the incorporation of the importance of women in science are just some of the incredible stories included throughout!

However the biggest change is the beautiful new ending capable of making even the strongest of hearts shed a tear of pure happiness, it is the most perfect ending to such a beautiful film! No spoilers, so to find out what it is you will have to head down to the cinema and watch it yourself . . .

The ability to pull at our heart strings is something Dumbo is well known for, the emotional story makes many cry with eyes full of sorrow and the re-make is no exception! If anything the new release is even more emotional than the original leaving viewers sobbing their heart out. The beloved song ‘Baby Of Mine’ is sung in the film which induces pain and compassion for the sad little baby elephant. Although the film may make you bubble like a baby 80% of the time, it is well worth the watch to witness Burton’s beautiful creation!

One of the main worries for Dumbo fans was how the baby elephant himself would look in a realistic style using CGI, rather than as his classic cartoon self. Fortunately what they have developed and come up with is not only incredibly realistic, but is also insanely adorable and we are so in love with him! If only he was actually real so we could take him home with us . . .

The casting choices made for the lead roles are superb, and alone are enough to make you excited to watch!

One of the lead roles of the Circus Owner ‘Max Medici’ is played by none other than the brilliant Danny Devito! Devito is a well known household name, which we have all come to know and adore. His talent for acting is exceptional and he fits the role perfectly, there is no other actor we can think of which could give the character such justice!

The lead role of the sadly widowed father Holt Farrier, is played by one of our ultimate heartthrobs Colin Farrell. The father of Millie and Joe Farrier is known as the rider of stallions, however when injured in the war and faced with the loss of his wife, he is faced with many new challenges. Farrell plays the character beautifully and proves that not only you should embrace your differences, but also that, if you try hard enough you can achieve anything!

The highly talented French trapeze artist Colette is played by the exceptionally beautiful Eva Green! Green is quickly becoming an actress well known for her incredible lead characters, and Colette is no exception! Everything she touches in her roles is just incredibly fantastic, no other actress could present herself quite like Eva Green! She gives the character amazing justice and is absolutely perfect!


Overall, Dumbo is a film which we were so pleasantly surprised with and may even be one of Disney’s best live action re-makes to date! Burton has done the Disney classic such justice! We never thought we’d say this (being such big Dumbo fans and all) but part of us even prefers the new release to that of the original classic! However, both are able to stand on their own perfectly!

Dumbo is a 5/5 must watch movie and is one you do not want to miss out on! Trust us! Head on down to your latest cinema and check him out in all his glory!

You will not be sorry!!

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Written by Amy Carr

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