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Disney Reveals First Look at ‘Frozen 2’ and It’s BEAUTIFUL

The headline says it all: Disney’s first teaser trailer for Frozen 2 has just dropped this morning, and in short it is simply beautiful.

Elsa’s crossing an ocean. Anna’s surrounding by ice crystals. Kristoff and Sven are on the run with a ton of other reindeer. Though we just get a taste of the film in this trailer, we do not miss out on any action. There’s a lot to unpack embedded within this trailer.

Before we discuss any plot content from the trailer, we must first note the sheer beauty of the animation. In one word, it’s stunning. This film’s predecessor was regarded for its animation, especially in Elsa’s “Let It Go” sequence, and this sequel is only expanding on that. The animation in the trailer is sharp, smooth, and eloquent, and the colors are brilliant and perfectly contrasted.

First and foremost, the very end of the trailer, after the logo appears, sees Anna taking Kristoff’s sword to attack someone or something. Though subtle, this shows Anna’s growth from the first film in a very passionate way.

We also see Elsa repeatedly attempting to cross what appears to be an ocean. Of course, our minds immediately go to the first Frozen, when in the beginning we see Elsa and Anna’s parents die at sea. Could Elsa be trying to find their sunken ship and give us more Arendelle backstory?

Elsa and Anna’s plot on ABC’s Once Upon a Time (which is owned by Disney) back in 2014 largely revolved around their parents’ trip that ultimately caused their demise at sea. Elsa constantly wondered why they left to begin with, and it led to a very insightful plot. Could Frozen 2 be working along those same lines?

Overall, we have so many questions. Is Kristoff running from someone or something, or where is he racing to? How is Olaf surviving without his personal snow cloud? Why is Elsa trapped, and what are the ice crystals surrounding Anna?

In what looks to be a somewhat darker film than its predecessor, we cannot wait to see what some of our favorite Disney characters are up to. Disney’s Frozen 2 hits theaters November 22, 2019.

Now that we’ve discussed this beautiful trailer, watch it again below and leave us all of your excitement over on Twitter!

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