Disney Princesses & Disney Villains Collection at Essence!

Fuzzable loves to bring to you new Make-Up trends and this one is particularly exciting: the limited edition of Essence’s Disney Princesses and Disney Villains collection is finally available! The Disney Princesses & Disney Villains collection contains product themes after Aurora aka sleeping beauty, Snow White and Arielle and their evil opponents, Maleficent, the evil queen, and Ursula.

Face Masks

The first thing up the list is a facemask, available for you to choose from all six available Disney characters. However, choose wisely as each facemask comes with a distinct scent. Ariel comes with the sweet, refreshing smell of watermelons. Fitting to her story, Snow White will embrace you with a lovely smell of apple, and Aurora’s facemask is gonna create a great spa experience with the smell of roses.

The evil queen’s facemask is filled with hyaluronic acid and moisturizing glycerine and Ursula’s contains algae extract. In case you feel like Maleficent is your way to go, you will treat your skin with a mask made with green tea extract.

The Princesses Mist


This 2- phase texture spray is gonna give you all the freshness of the ocean with one pump. This Ariel-based Mist is not just a very handy item to use if you need a little refreshing boost in your day, it’s also a perfect moisturizer to be used in your daily skincare routine as a base for makeup.
Don’t forget to shake it well before use.


Could not sleep much? Aurora’s glow mist is the choice to help you out! Add a little bit to your face and you’ll receive a fine shimmer which is gonna give your skin a beautiful glow.

Snow White

Snow White’s mist might be our secret fave in this collection.


Because this fixing mist can make every makeup style last. Shake it well before you use it on your face from a distance of about 15cm. The powdery mist is gonna provide a long-lasting, matte finish. You can also use it on powdery and creamy makeup.


The collection comes with two lovely shades for Highlighters. Both nuances, Diabolic Gold for Maleficent and Demonic Rose for Ursula are soft, shimmering and easy to apply and blend on your skin.

While we have to navigate our way individually through the collection of three Princesses themed Mascara and three Villains themed Lipstick colours to create the look we love best and feel the most comfortable with, there is the highlight of the collection, which might make you want all of them: the eyeshadow palettes!

Eye Shadow palettes


The Princesses Eye Shadow palettes each come with 14 highly pigmented nuances. Every colour is named after subjects and moments, which one can connect immediately with said character. The intense red and soft nude shades for Ariel, for example, had been named Kiss The Girl, Mermaid, or Treasures.


Dark pink and violet mixed with shimmery brown and bronze colours touch up Aurora’s palette.
Thorn Hedge, Spinning Wheel or Deep Sleep, whichever shade you’ll need to get you ready for the day or a date, you’ll find the right combination in this palette.

Snow White

Much cool, but just as beautiful, shades of browns, purple and green with a snowflake effect were made for Snow White. Names like Ebony, Poisoned Apple, Huntsman and Seven Mountains will lead you into her story, while you discover your favourite colour.

The Villains Eye Shadow palettes each come with 16 highly pigmented nuances, which are highly pigmented, have glittery, shimmering and matte finishes and adding to that, the mirror is integrated!
The question is: Which witch will you choose?


Using makeup seems to be one of the things Ursula likes to do. Do you recall the scene in the little mermaid in which she had to redo her lipstick? Well, with this Ursula- themed palette, you can go a step further and create her looks. The different shades of purple, blue and silver will help you create your own makeup look with Ursula’s underwater world as a theme. Some of the names you’ll have to choose from will be, Cave, Sea Witch and Octopus


Maleficent’s eye shadow palette comes with a lovely mixture of natural, brown and beige colours, touched up with matte and glittery silver and green shades. Venomous, Diabolo and Dragon stand for this Disney villain just like the horns on her head, which you’ll also find pressed into some of the eye shadows in the palette.

The Evil Queen

Revenge, Hunter and Envy are only three significant names, which we connect to the colours of the Evil Queen. With this palette, you’ll get a variety of colour options including dark prink, black, fusions of orange and pink, green and white, shades of intense red and brown to create your unique look.

To check out the whole Disney Princesses & Disney Villains Make-Up Collection by Essence, please check their homepage for further details! However, be quick, because this limited edition is only available from November 2020 to January 2021!

In case you need a Christmas present for a Disney- and makeup addicted loved one, THIS seems to be one of the way to go in 2020!

Which products from this magical collection are your favourites? Share your love for Disney themed makeup with us @Fuzzable

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