Relive your childhood with the new Disney x Hype range

The new Disney x Hype accessories range has just dropped, and believe us when we say our team has fallen in love with these new designs!

The collection is described as ‘unstoppable’, featuring an array of ‘holographic, sequin and suede fabrics’ and honestly, its enough to have us swooning and booking our next trip to Disney.

Featuring backpacks, lunchboxes and a multitude of pencil cases, each product represents different Disney and Pixar characters, including Woody, Winnie The Pooh, and Minnie Mouse. Here are our top 5 items from the range!

1. Monsters Scream Barrel

monsters inc bag

This duffel bag is based on the iconic yellow scream barrels from the iconic 2002 film ‘Monsters Inc’. We think the classic cylindrical shape would be perfect as a gym bag, and its bold yellow colour means you can be sure it won’t get lost in the depths of the changing room!

2. Buzz Box Side Bag

buzz lightyear bag

Relive your childhood with this cross-body bag designed in the style of legendary Buzz Lightyear’s box. The purple and silver box is an instantly recognisable icon, so why wouldn’t you want to wear it as a bag?! If you’re heading to Disney World or Disneyland California anytime soon this is a must purchase. Just imagine those Instagrams in the new Toy Story Land!

3. Minnie Glam Lunch Box

minnie mouse lunchbox

We really wish we were still in school right now! Is it socially acceptable to rock up to university or work with a rose gold Minnie Mouse lunch box? Nevermind, we’re doing it anyway! You’ll never see a lunch box this swoon-worthy ever again, we promise.

4. Pooh Honey Backpack

winnie the pooh bag

Is there really anyone who doesn’t find classic Winnie The Pooh absolutely adorable? We for sure do, along with this sweet-like-honey honeypot backpack! It has a suede front pocket and the inside is printed with Pooh himself. This is going straight in our basket.

5. Woody Pencil Case

woody pencil case

To go with your Buzz Lightyear bag, why not have a Woody pencil case to go with it! With the highly-anticipated upcoming release of ‘Toy Story 4’ we see this as being a hit with Toy Story fans of all ages. From primary school fans of the new era, to us oldies rocking up at our desk jobs, pens spilling from our new case. Oh, and the classic blue denim makes it even more lovable.

We seriously love this new Disney x Hype collection! Check out the full collection here! After even more of a Disney fix? Check out our piece on the new Colourpop x Disney range here.

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