dancing in the kitchen

Discover: Dancing in the Kitchen Playlist

A while ago I wrote an article that included notebook ideas. One of those ideas was creating playlist names and writing down songs that would fit under the name of the playlist. I decided to take a few of those ideas and make them into playlists for Fuzzable. This will be Fuzzable’s discover series. You may find some music you’ve never listened to.

This playlist is titled, Dancing in the Kitchen. It contains the perfect songs for dancing around your kitchen or room. We know you dance in the kitchen. You can’t lie to us about it, trust us, we know about the dancing.

We know you always dance like this.


I got this idea while spending the whole day baking with my mom. These were some of the songs we were listening to. It kept us entertained.

I will be constantly updating this playlist because there’s always music that I feel fits under this idea.


Let us know what you think of our discover series at @Fuzzable or in the comments below! You can also leave us songs to add to this playlist.

Written by Grace Bong

You will usually find me at concerts watching my favorite bands.
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