Dealing with Parents in Social Media

We’ve recently had a discussion about mothers on social media. A fairly common occurrence, but in this case it was specifically about our own mothers on Facebook and how good they are at sympathising with us. We are very lucky because we never thought about it very much; For those people who live with the daily pain of a parent inviting them and their extended social circle for games, we suppose the whole online may be more of a headache. After extensive surveys by our own friends we’ve identified some of the main pros and cons of parental profiles.
Cons: they let you fall It’s a classic.
See all the time. Someone uploaded a photo to Facebook looking a bit cozy and from the beginning Mom and Aunt Sandra are analyzing an ‘Ooooh, what a lovely couple!’ “Is that what you were talking to your cousin about?” “When are we going to meet her then?” The rest of the world empathically melts in a pool on the floor and the burgeoning love interest disappears in the ether.
Your love life can be embarrassing.
It’s a great day. The person you met at your friend’s birthday parties added you to Facebook – and the dance started. After waiting several hours to accept, obviously because you are too busy and cool to be on Facebook all day, you happily become FACEBOOK OFFICIAL MATERIALS. Off to your own profile to evaluate yourself from their point of view – and 9/10 posts last week are your parents marking you in pictures of you as it was baby or your mother sharing floral memes about your children becoming your best friends. It’s all appreciated and feeling lovely.
Constant entertainment
As much as they can hurt your day-to-day notifications, they are great social media to everyone else. The amount of posts worthy of LOL I liked something titled along the lines of ’38 Times Facebook Ruined Parents’ etc etc etc … is just a blessing. At the other end of the love spectrum, family humour can also spring from entirely non-maternal text messages; the popularity of Instagram accounts, like @ourfamilynest, just proves it. Because if other people’s parents are into handiwork then you can suck it and deal with your posting baby photos on your birthday.
But also the biggest
If guaranteed tastes are what you are looking for, the humans who made you are usually a good bet. Parents or parental figures have probably followed your achievements since the day you were born – they were very happy when you held your own head or tied your own shoes, so it is a safe bet that they will be the proudest followers of your list since you are a totally adult person who makes funny tweets or starts your own blog. Your ideas are the best, you looked crazy on Saturday night and you should be shared with other friends to brag about immediately. So in summary – if you’re upset about excessive abuse, over-sharing or over-cautious … remember that it can always be worse. If all else fails, you’ll probably get some sharing history, huh?

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