The Danielle Peazer Method

It feels like Danielle Peazer has been working on her new website forever. Ok so we know we are slightly dramatic but we are impatient for it to relaunch.  The relaunch is part of Danielle’s new initiative “The Danielle Peazer Method.”

Things we know so far about The Danielle Peazer Method

This is the logo. It is the profile photo for the DPM Instagram.

It looks like DPM will encourage and showcase ways that individuals can #trainlikeadancer

On the DPM Instagram, one of the posts explains more about what they are hoping to achieve and it’s a really simple goal.

The thought process behind what we do is clear and simple – train like a dancer, by a dancer. We want to give you the opportunity to achieve the same strength, flexibility and confidence that dancers have without any of the scary and difficult dance moves (unless that’s what you want from a 1 to 1 session with one of our trainers)

Danielle and her team are aiming to fully launch The Danielle Peazer Method within the next two weeks with the website launch and some really cool events.

Are you as excited as us for Danielle to finally launch The Danielle Peazer Method? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below or over on @Fuzzable!

Written by Kelly McFarland

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