daniel and depression

Dan, Depression, and Me

On October 11 2017, British vlogger Daniel Howell uploaded a video called ‘Daniel and Depression’.

In this video, Dan shares to the internet his battle with depression, how he overcame it and how he still somewhat struggles with it till this day. When this video came out, I was shocked. I never expected that someone like him would have this mental illness.

After watching this video, I was happy for him for being brave to share his story.

What does this have to do with me?

(This was a video I posted back in June 2017 which summarises what happened to me)

When I watched Dan’s video of his journey through mental illness, I felt like I wasn’t alone. I looked up to him this video made me look up to him even more.

Dan talks about that his depression sprouted from bullying and identity issues and after hearing that, I felt like I could relate as similar things happened to me back in the past and still goes on till this very day.

This is holding me back in life. This is not how I’m supposed to be. And I want to overcome it

– Daniel Howell (2017)

You see, depression isn’t something you could easily share to people due to the stigma and so forth. For me, it’s the fear of admitting this as I don’t think people would understand.

When I’m depressed, I can’t get work done. I tend to isolate myself from others. I sleep early in hopes it would be over the next day (sometimes it doesn’t). The things that I enjoy doing in my daily life, I wouldn’t find satisfaction in doing so due to my really low and sh*tty mood.

There are times where it last for days, weeks, or even months and despite how much I want to move on, it was just very difficult for me to do so.

Luckily, I have friends who I could reach out to when I feel upset but there are times where I feel like I shouldn’t bombard them with my problems and just deal with it on my own.

Road to recovery

What people needs to understand is that when someone is depressed, you need to be there for them during their time of need. It’s hard to get back on your feet when you’re feeling this way and for some, it could take weeks, and others months until they feel better.

But accepting that this is what you’re feeling and and that you need help is one of the best ways to recover when you’re depressed.

Seek out friends and family or people you trust and talk to them. Tell them what’s going on and how this makes you feel. From there, you can get support and who knows, that sad conversation that you’re having, will soon transform into banter.

Depression is something you shouldn’t be going through alone and is something you shouldn’t be afraid off sharing to people you trust.

It’s ok to feel this way, as long as you feel better soon.


If you’re in need of someone to talk to here are some numbers to call


BeyondBlue – 1300 22 4636

Headspace – 1800 650 890

(USA) – 18002738255

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