Dad V Girls – 1 Million Celebration

Dad V Girls is a family of YouTube stars, based in England. Their zany family consists of Joel and Sarah Condor and their 4 girls Kaci, Grace Sophie and Chloe. The  Channel focuses on every day life whilst Joel is heavily out numbered – with a whole load of fun tasks and challenges along the way. Dad V Girls have recently received their golden Play Button, so we’ve decided to give you the low down on why we are one of their million subscribers.

(Top row L-R –  Sarah, Kaci, Joel. Bottom row – Chloe, Grace and Sophie)


Joel is the ‘hip’ dad, always dressed in black, whose 5 ladies in his life all have him wrapped around their fingers.

Sarah is the mum who isn’t just beautiful, she’s deeply compassionate and caring – just don’t make a mess in her home.

Kaci is the queen of Instagram, and has her own beauty focused channel. She’s the oldest sibling and the 15 year old also has her own YouTube channel with over 300,000 subscribers, and she’s also modelled  for Hollister.

Grace is the second eldest sibling, the animal lover, and the Tik Tok princess. We love Grace’s kind nature! She brings a whole lot of love to the DVG fam.

Anyone who is a fan of Dad V Girls know that it isn’t Joel, Sarah, Kaci or Grace who run the show, or who are the reason for their huge success. It’s the youngest Condors – Sophie (8) and Chloe (2). The sweet and sassy princess turn this family channel into something else with their hilarious antics, their eye for fun and their ability to wrap their family around their little fingers. These tiny but mighty girls are fan favourites and prove you don’t need to be tall to take on the world.

We subscribed a little over a year ago, and this family are our favourites to binge watch, especially during Lock Down. We’ve selected 3 (it has been tough deciding on just 3) of our favourite videos for you to enjoy.

Duck Yeaaaah!

In this video, Joel and Grace have the task of convincing Peter Andre that the family should foster ducklings. Sarah and Kaci are opposed to the idea so both sides put forward their arguments to the Mysterious Girl singer.

Queen Chloe

2 year old Chloe is put in charge of the family for the day. There’s a whole host of crazy, and we get to really see how the world would look if a toddler was in charge.


Joel is known for only wearing black clothing. It’s kind his signature look. So knowing this, the girls gang up on Joel and give him an extreme makeover. (You may need sunglasses whilst watching.)

We could list a reason per subscriber as to why we have been loving Dad V Girls – but we’d rather spend the time watching their videos.

Make sure you subscribe to Dad V Girls here. And follow Joel, Sarah, Kaci and Grace on Instagram.

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Written by Niki

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