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CRUSH ALERT: Pentatonix’s Scott Hoying

Who is Scott Hoying and why do we have a crush on him?

Scott Hoying is the gorgeous baritone from the equally as beautiful Pentatonix! The 26 year old singer, is originally from Arlington Texas, but moved to LA when he and his fellow band members shot to fame with their a Capella group, when he is not making audiences laugh on his YouTube channel “superfruit” with fellow band mate Mitch Grassi, or making us swoon with his gorgeous baritone vocals, he also makes us speechless with his gorgeous looks.

Throughout the years audiences have found Hoying adorable with his SnapBack caps and infectious smile, it hasn’t been until recently when Hoying made us all go mad with his scruff. That’s right! Scott Hoying has stubble and has made him cute to hot in 0.5 seconds. But in all seriousness, it’s not just the stubble, blue eyes and infectious smile that makes us truley crush on Hoying, he also has the most beautiful singing voice and personality. Scott seems like the most lovely person, he is funny, sweet and caring. He shows this on his Instagram stories from when he is just hanging out with his band members to interacting with “pentaholics”.

In terms of Hoying’s singing, he has been moving pentaholics for over 6 years with his incredible vocal talent and of course most known to fans, his riffs and runs, fans and watchers of Pentatonix videos clearly are impressed by a Hoying Riff!

Photographic evidence of Scott being ‘crush-worthy’.

Here we see Superfruit, Hoying and Grassi themselves looking adorable as ever, the infamous Scott Scruff, making a very pleasant appearance, along with his quiff and beautiful smile, he is also rocking the pink shirt, equally matching his skin tone and complexion.

Here is a model Hoying picture; the outfit the jumper, the way he is gazing into the mirror, we truly believe that is staring into many crushing pentaholics’ souls… and ours… maybe…

Here we have a picture of Hoying in action, at one of his Pentatonix gigs, although not the best picture we could of got of him performing, we still believe, that, the suit along with his deviliciouly handsome good looks, we can tell that he is melting hearts not only with his looks but with a killer riff!

Here is Scott in action:

If you didn’t believe us when we said that Scott Hoying has a killer voice, please take a look at this amazing music video of him and his band Pentatonix, covering “New Rules” and “Are You That Somebody” such an amazing mash up, and a great way to experience one of Hoying’s most incredible performances

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing these pictures of Scott Hoying as much as we did!

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Written by Kay Simpson

I love to write, sing, act, binge watch YouTube Videos. I am a MASSIVE gamerI’m just your average 21 year old who wants to write and have fun

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