Crush Alert: Olly Murs

Welcome to Fuzzable’s crush alert series. This section brings you a variety of dreamy celebrities and the reasons why Fuzzable crushes on these amazing people.

Today, in our series, we highlight our favourite artist and human, Olly Murs!

Who is Olly Murs?

Oliver Stanley Murs is an English singer from Witham. Hw was born on the 14th of May 1984. So, he is 34 years of age… still young! Olly has a wonderful family – his Mum named Vicky Lynn Pollard, his Dad called Peter Murs, a sister, and a brother named Ben Murs and Fay Murs.

The Journey of Olly Murs:

Olly’s journey began on the singing TV show called The X Factor in 2009 where he auditioned with Stevie Wonder’s classic song called ‘Superstition’. Olly won the judges over with his talent and his personality, grabbing the second place.

Olly and his new fans thought his journey would stop there but lucky enough Olly was signed by labels RCA Records and Sony Music. Since then, Olly has toured with the ex-boy band One Direction as their opening act in 2011. He has also been on his own official tours since 2012; I was even lucky enough to attend his 10-year tour in May 2019 at the London 02 which I was over the moon with. He was incredible!

Moreover, since 2017 Olly was announced to be a judge on The Voice alongside judges Sir Tom Jones, Jennifer Hudson, and Will.i.AM. Earlier on this year, out of all the judges, Olly won The Voice due to his mentee Molly Hocking winning The TV show, who is a very talented and spectacular singer!

Overall, I believe Olly is a beautiful and inspirational singer. His career so far has been so successful and we can’t wait to see what is next in store for Olly. Throughout his singing journey, he has produced 6 albums, 24 singles and 25 music videos! Olly has sold over 10 million albums overall.

As a person, we love Olly Murs because he inspires people to keep going. In 2015 Olly suffered from mental health after being axed on X factor as he made a mistake getting a contestants name muddled up. During this time he took a break but he fought through it with a determined and positive mindset. He has encouraged fans to talk about their problems through his song called ‘Talking to yourself’. Olly has also been an idol to people as he previously raised money for the charity called Mind. Fuzzable believes Olly is truly a massive idol who we all love and cherish!

Here are some dreamy photos to look at of Olly Murs:

Olly with blonde hair

X factor Olly Murs










Olly The voice

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Written by Chloe Bishop

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