Crush Alert: Kim Taehyung from BTS

Welcome to Fuzzable’s Crush Alert, a section of our site where we bring you the hottest celebrities and influencers. We want to give you a reason to take a break from your busy day and spend your chill time reveling in the greatness of our chosen crush. Our today’s crush alert is dedicated to Kim Taehyung, who is otherwise known by his stage name “V”.

Who is Kim Taehyung?

One of the vocalists, songwriter, and record producer in BTS, Kim Taehyung debuted in the year 2013. Known for his deep baritone voice and exceptional performing skills, Taehyung has garnered a sea of admirers who love to see him go on stage and showcase his work. A few years ago, he coined the phrase “I Purple U” while talking about BTS’ relationship with ARMYs. Since then, the color been used synonymously by people to talk about the group and their fans. It has also become a key identifier in the group’s branding.

Here are some reasons why he is our crush:

His classic-influenced music

Kim Taehyung’s solo works give us a glimpse into his artistic ambitions. His love for the classics and the distinct flavor of Jazz are clearly evident in tracks like Stigma, Singularity, Scenery, Winter Bear, and 4’O Clock. Suited for his deep voice, these tracks help listeners enjoy the emotional depth that his voice offers. His latest work “Winter Bear” had an instrumental interval wherein we got a chance to savor in the combination of instruments artist used for his English language track. It was distinctly Taehyung while at the same time, uniquely experimental.


His artistic leanings

Any fan or admirer of BTS would know about Taehyung’s love for art. Like Namjoon, he too can be seen touring through different art museums and exhibitions. His visit to the Jean Michel Basquiat exhibition is definitely a memorable one. But his love for art does not end at paintings.


Through social media, Taehyung has shown his photography skills and has cited photographers like Callum Snape and Ante Badzim as his inspiration. Both the photographers actively interact with fans, sharing their comments on artist’s photographs and Snape even took time to share tips and feedback with fans who are aspiring photographers. Photography also forms a part of V’s music, often appearing as a starting note for his solo work, including Scenery and Winter Bear.


His love for his bandmates

Taehyung has always been open about his admiration for his fellow bandmates. His poem “No Big Deal” which we saw in one of the Run BTS episodes shows how deeply he observes people and how well he knows his group. His verse for Suga is our favorite:


You want to be a stone on your next life

Don’t worry, it’s no big deal

I will bring you to a lot of beautiful places”

His letter to Jimin shows his deep admiration for their friendship which becomes more evident during live performances wherein he plays around his members, enlivening the atmosphere on the stage and off-stage too.

His charismatic and unapologetic personality

With a personality that can make anyone go weak on their knees, Kim Taehyung has been making people take note of his strong persona. His star power and charisma come out well during the photoshoots and performances as he effortlessly leaves an impression in the viewer’s mind and heart. His strength lies in his glare as he looks directly at the camera without flinching, conveying very clearly that he is confident about his demeanor.

But a part of this aura lies in the knowledge of his softening personality that is ever compassionate and welcoming towards his fans and friends. Taehyung is also completely unapologetic towards the stances he takes which makes his fans look up to him.

How to keep up with Kim Taehyung?

You can follow Taehyung’s activities on the group’s official Twitter account and Weverse where he occasionally responds to fans’ posts.

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Written by ayushi

Hello! I am Ayushi from India. I love writing poetry, listening to K-POP and spending time alone. Writing is what defines me and I am on the journey to make the definition as good as possible.

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