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Crush Alert – Kian Lawley

Welcome to Fuzzable’s crush alerts. A section of our site where we bring you the hottest celebrities and influencers. We want to provide you with a reason to be able to take a break from your busy day and revel in our crushes greatness. On this editon of crush-alert, we dive head first into Kian Lawley.

Kian Robert Lawley is one half of popular YouTube duo Kian and JC – alongside JC Caylen. With over 600 Million views, the channel is known for the pair being crazy, kind and all sorts of weird. Kian was born in Iowa but now resides in LA.
Not only a YouTuber, Lawley is also an award winning actor. Staring in shows like Zac and Mia and movies such as Shovel Buddies and Before I fall.
Despite winning 3 Teen Choice nominations, and having countless nominations for other awards, Kian remains loud, zany and charming.Not letting fame get to his head

Photographic proof of Kian Lawley being ‘Crush-worthy’

Starting off our photofraphic proof is this moment which made all the ‘K n J Army’ swoon. Kian holding a rose. We admit we swooned hard too!

In an AD for Calvin Klein underwear, many people opted to purchase CK’s in hope a wild Kian would appear. The tattoo’s, the abs and the cheekiness of the post sold us!

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Do we even need to explain that if you care about animals you instantly get 100% more crush worthy? Well here’s proof. Kian and a pup.

Kian and best bud/co creator JC dazzle in velvet suits and ooze charm. Looking dapper whilst living life to it’s fullest is a talent these boys have, and we can’t get enough.

Seeing Kian Lawley in Action

Kian and JC are currently uploading a series ok YouTube called reality house. A brilliant social experiment where 12 ‘influencers’ live together and compete for survival. K and J host the show. Some of our fav’s are starring in this season (Manny Mua, Harrison Webb, Andrea Russett and Ryan Abe to name a few). Catch up with this season so far below.

How to keep up to date with Kian.

Follow Kian on Twitter and Instagram, but also make sure you follow Kian and JC’s YouTube page to watch them.

You can also follow us on Twitter @Fuzzable, to see who makes it into our next ‘Crush Alert

Written by Niki

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